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There are lots of good Maths games available on the internet but here are a few to get you started…


Times tables (Times Table Rockstars) (Printable x table grid)

When learning your times tables, it is best to focus on the one you are practising that week but do keep returning to the tables you have already learnt.  With practise and confidence, you should know all your times table facts up to 12x12 by the end of Year 4.


Mental arithmetic skills using +  -  x  ÷ maths (first three games)

We play ‘Countdown’ in class:  


Telling the time

Children need to be confident telling the time using an analogue clock.  They also need to be able to convert analogue time to 12hr digital and vice versa.  In Year 4, we focus on converting both analogue and 12hr digital to 24 hr time.


Children’s sudokus & other puzzles


Another good website but check the level 


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