Year 3: Blog items

Be creative, by Mr Brown

Date: 8th Feb 2016 @ 2:44pm

My son and I made Lego figures of the staff. Can you make someone or something to do with the school?

Mr Brown

Do you know what this is?, by Mr Brown

Date: 8th Feb 2016 @ 2:09pm

Can you find someone you know who knows what this was for?

Play the twenty questions game with them. Ask them questions that they can only answer yes or no.

How many did it take?

The day a Stone Age man came to school...., by Miss Jones

Date: 23rd Oct 2015 @ 4:34pm

Wow, what an interesting day it was on Tuesday! We took part in a Stone Age workshop to learn more about life in Stone Age Britain. We even had a surprise visit from a Stone Age man dressed from head to toe in animal fur! 

For this week's homework, I would like you to discuss the workshop in our blog. If you are stuck for things to talk about, why not think about... 

* What you enjoyed?

* What you found really surprising or interesting? 

* Did you learn anything new? 

* What were the best bits? 

* What else would you like to find out about the Stone Age? (or Bronze Age / Iron Age)  

Extra Challenge

If you would like an extra challenge, why not do some of your own research into the Stone Age and share what you find out.

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