School Lunches

Great value, healthy meals for your child. See the menus at the bottom of this page.

Free School Meals

Are you one of thousands of people who could be claiming free school meals for your child?
To find out simply call 0300 123 7039.

Mrs Britton, Mrs Maddock and Mrs Chowdhury do a great job of providing our children with tasty and nutritious meals.


What do the children say?!

"The school dinners are delicious because they are full of flavour. My favourite meal is cheese omelette, water and a chocolate chip cookie. It is yummy!" Imogen

"My favourite meal is hot filled cheese baguette." Rory

"My favourite meal is jacket potato with beans." Ben

"I love the Christmas dinner!" Daniel

"My favourite pudding is chocolate surprise cake and custard." Lottie

"I like the pasta and meatballs." Zach

"The lunches are lovely." Harry

Our middays

"Our middays are always smiling." Abbie

"The middays always make sure our lunchtimes are the best they can be." Cally

" Our middays always know what to do. They are friendly people." Imogen

"When you hurt yourself the middays help you." Ben, Harry, Tom, Ruby and Sam

"I like it when they play with you." Eve and Mikkel

"If you have a fall outside the dinner ladies always sort it out." Rachael

"They are kind to you and hold your hand if you are sad and hurt yourself." Kimberley

"They cut your food up for you." Max

"They are very friendly and helpful." Zach and Katie

"The middays make the lunch times fun." Katie

"The middays help you and never let you down." Pip

School dinners are ordered online through our Parent Pay system.  Dinners need to be ordered by 11:30pm on Sunday for the following week.  If you need any help or assistance with using the system please contact the school office.


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