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Welcome to Year 3's home learning page

Dear Year 3 parents and children,

Welcome to our Home Learning page. We love receiving emails and images about your work and are so impressed with the quality of the work that you are completing. Thank you so much for all of your efforts. 

Here is everything that you need for your Home Learning for Week 14 (beginning on Monday 13th July). If you need to check anything from previous weeks, you can find the work below in the gallery section of our class page. You can see examples of your fantastic home learning work in the gallery below too.

We are really missing you all and we love hearing how you are getting on. Please continue to send photographs of your work or even send us an email just like to say hello. and

We look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Yates and Mrs Harrison

Here is a new message from PCSO Beth to you all.

The suggested home learning for each day is:

  • An English activity (suggested time 30 minutes)
  • A Maths activity (suggested time 30 minutes)
  • Daily reading (suggested time at least 15 minutes)
  • Spellings (suggested time 15 minutes)

Home Learning for this week (beginning Monday 13th July)

Daily Reading: Reading every day for at least 15 minutes is the most important learning that you can do at home. Spend some time reading your school reading book, your class library book choice, a book you have already at home or a magazine or newspaper. Talk about what you have read with somebody at home.

The Summer Reading Challenge 2020 has launched :) You can find out more information about how to sign up here


I can’t believe this is our last week of Year 3 and home learning! 

All your parents should have now received an email with an invitation to our online virtual Year 3 End of year Party! If they haven't, please ask them to send me a quick email.

Session one:

Today, I would like you to reflect back to Year 3 and think of your favourite memories. It could be a trip, a visitor, a lesson, an activity, a game at play time, a joke or a funny moment in the classroom, spending time with your friends or a teacher. Choose one of the following writing activities to create something to share with your friends during our virtual party.

  • A poem about your favourite memory/ memories
  • A recount (write about what happened and how it made you feel)
  • A letter to a friend or teacher telling them about your favourite moment
  • A diary entry recalling the memory

We would love for you to share these during our online party! If you don't feel confident enough to read it out loud to your friends and would like us to instead, feel free to email it to Miss Yates and I.

Session two:

Thinking back to our favourite memory from yesterday, we would love for you to create some artwork based on this. It could be of you in the classroom, in the playground, with your friends or teachers or if you're feeling up for a challenge you could draw or paint yourself with your whole class! You can decide how to create your artwork; colouring pencils, pastels, paint, a model. Get creative! 


You could share these during our online party or they could be shared on the class website gallery.


Session three:


Miss Yates and I can not wait to see you tomorrow! We may have some other special guests joining us too. 

Today, please think about what you would like to achieve in Year 4. It could be in school, outside of school or a combination. 

Write down 4 goals you would like to achieve and draw a border around them. Ask your parents to store it somewhere safe so next year you can reflect back to see if you have achieved them.

Here are my 4 goals.

  1. Spend LOTS of quality time with my family and friends.
  2. Take Nuala on adventures around the UK with Mr H and if we can, abroad.
  3. Have fun and learn lots of new and exciting things with Year 3 and Miss Yates. 
  4. Go swimming regularly as well as take Nuala to her swimming lessons.


Session four:

It's the day Miss Yates and I have been waiting for. Our virtual online party day!

Let's get to work Year 3 and prepare for our party. Use your paper craft skills to make some decorations which you could put up behind you when you join our online party tonight. 

Here are some ideas and links to websites of what you could make:

  • Paper chains

  • Bunting

  • Paper lantern

  • Paper rosette (fans)

Instead of using the lollipop sticks, stick the two ends together using glue or tape. String can be looped through the centre to display. 

  • Paper tassel garland

For those of you who are joining us for our Year 3 virtual party, don't forget half past 4 tonight :)


Session five:

Today, we are going to have a self care session.

You have had a wonderful yet unique time in Year 3. Please choose an activity you enjoy completing either by yourself or with a family member. See image below for ideas. Enjoy :).

It has been an absolute pleasure teaching you again this year. Even if it has been through home learning. Thank you for all your hard work and I hope you have an incredible summer break.

Stay safe,  

Mrs Harrison


We are so proud of how far you have all come this year in Maths. We are so excited to celebrate your achievements at our class virtual party on Thursday. A party wouldn't be a party without a party hat! This week, you are going to use some Maths skills to design and make your very own party hat to wear on Thursday.

Monday - When we make our hats, we are going to use some of the mathematical language that we have learnt this year. Have a think about the meaning of these words. Write each word in your home learning exercise book and write or draw a picture next to it to show its meaning:

Tuesday: Today you are going to design your party hat. I would love your hats to show some of the things that we have learnt in Maths this year. Have a look through your Maths No Problem workbooks and textbooks to remind yourself about everything we have done. 

Your hat is going to be made up of two shapes:

In your home learning exercise book, draw a picture of your hat. Draw a rectangle on the bottom and a triangle on top. Draw another hat plan to show the back of your hat. Plan how your will decorate your hat and draw it on your diagram. 

Wednesday - Today is hat making day :) Choose the paper that you will need to make your hat. You will need bigger than A4 for it to fit on your head. Newspaper works well or an A3 piece of paper. Follow these steps to make your hat:

Hooray you've made your hat!

Thursday: Have a look back at your hat plan from Tuesday. Decorate your hat using your ideas from your plan. You can use drawing, writing, colouring, sticking - anything! Be as creative as you like! Once you have finished, try it on! I can't wait to see your creations at our class party this afternoon :)

Friday: You have worked so hard this year and should feel very proud of everything that you have achieved. Spend today doing lovely things that make you feel happy :) Here are some ideas:

Thank you for being so amazing this year! I have loved teaching you. Have a really wonderful summer. 

Love from,

Miss Yates x

How did you do on the quiz? The Oldfield staff have been doing it too, Mrs Marshall got the most, with 16 correct. Well done Mrs Marshall.

There were two number 17s last week and no number 21 so it may be easier to check the photo with the name of the person that you thought it was towards the end of the quiz. Ooops!

Thank you Mrs Percival for a brilliant challenge I know we enjoyed it as much as you!


From PCSO Beth for you all.



Wider Curriculum:

Here is the Y3 cross curricular activity grid for Summer 2.

There is also a clearer, printable copy of it in 'Files to Download' with usable links as well as hard copies of some off the sheets mentioned in some of the tasks. If you have finished all of the tasks or would like some more work to be getting on with, have a look at the 'longer projects' section below.

If you are planning on going on a local walk around Vicars Cross, use this fun 'I Spy' worksheet in the download section and see how many you can spot.

House of Dance Online Lessons

The House of Dance team will upload a new lesson for KS2 every Monday for you try at home by clicking here

Longer projects:

Ancient Egypt project

When we go back to school, our new History topic will be Ancient Egypt. I would love some artwork to display in our classroom about the Egyptians. Have a go at making something at home. It could be: a model of the Pyramids, a collage or painting of Tutankhamun’s mask, a model of a sarcophagus or anything else that you would like to create. 

Lockdown Time Capsule

You are living through a very unusual time. Keep a note of your thoughts and feelings so you can look back on this time when you are older. There is a file in the documents section below to help you. You will need a printer to print it off - if you don't have one, you can just write your answers into your home learning book. 

Personal Project

If you still have some time on your hands and would like an extra challenge, have a go at making a personal project about something that interests you. You can share it in Show and Tell when we go back to school. Sam and his sister Alice have been researching robots and have made a brilliant presentation that you can look at in the downloads section below as well as Maya's geography and Alice's London presentations.

Active July

Continue to keep active throughout July by using some of these ideas below.

In 'Files to download', there is also an activity pack from Steve Reddy full of activity ideas to complete at home!


Here are the challenge words that we have looked at together this year. Choose 10 of the words that you would like to practise. Use some of the spelling games and ideas that we use in class to help you learn them. You could ask someone at home or at school to give you a spelling test at the end of the week.



Additional resources for learning at home

Spellings: Use the Spelling Shed website to practise this week's spellings and other spelling patterns that we have learned in year 3. The website information and your log on information is stuck into the front cover of your Home Learning book.

Times Table Rockstars: Use Times Table Rockstars to practise the times tables that we have learned in year 3 - the 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s and 8s. The website information and your log on information is stuck into the front cover of your Home Learning book.

Numbots: Use Numbots to practise your mental maths skills. The website information and your log on information is stuck into the front cover of your Home Learning book.

Coding: Use Code Studio to work on your coding skills like we do in class. It will work on a tablet, phone, laptop or desktop computer. The website information and your log on information is stuck into the front cover of your Home Learning book.

Reading: Oxford Owl has an excellent e-library of colour banded books to read online at home. Register as a parent at:

You can contact us at and

We will be available to answer any questions that you have or if you would just like to say hello! 

Have a lovely time learning at home!

Mrs Harrison & Miss Yates


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