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Miss Yates

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Welcome to Year 3's home learning page

Dear Year 3 parents and children,

Thank you to the children who have emailed me some pictures of their home learning smiley I love seeing what you are up to! Have a look at the gallery section of our website to see some examples of your excellent work. If you would like to show me your home learning or if you would just like to say hello, I would love to hear from you! Get in touch at

Here are the home learning resources for Week 2 - beginning on Monday 30th March. If you need to check anything from last week, you can find all of the information that you need in the gallery section.

The suggested home learning for each day is:

  • An English activity (suggested time 30 minutes)
  • A Maths activity (suggested time 30 minutes)
  • Daily reading (suggested time at least 15 minutes)
  • Spellings (suggested time 15 minutes)

Home Learning for this week (beginning Monday 30th March)

Daily Reading: Reading every day for at least 15 minutes is the most important learning that you can do at home. Spend some time reading your school reading book, your class library book choice, a book you have already at home or a magazine or newspaper. Talk about what you have read with somebody at home.

English: Here are 5 writing activities. Each activity will take you about 30 minutes.

Read each task carefully. Think about the skills that you will need to use to write succesfully. When you are finished, read over and make any edits. Read it aloud to somebody at home or email me a picture of your work.


On Friday, you selected an animal from Africa and researched it. You might have organised your research into sections with different headings.

Use your research from Friday to write a non-chronological report (information text) about your animal. Think about:
• What sections you need to have
• How you are going to set it out - will you use titles, headings and pictures?
• How you are going to make your information interesting to read

Give yourself 2 days to make your report. Perhaps you might like to do the writing today and the illustrations and design of the report tomorrow. Think back to the information text about seals that you made in class - what did you like about that writing that you might do again?


Finish working on your report. Edit your writing from yesterday and make any changes that you need to. Make your report look eye-catching. Why not send me a picture of work when you're finished? 


Think back to the 'what am I' riddle poems that we wrote in class together. Here is the poem that we wrote about a seal.

Write a poem like this of your own about the African animal that you have written your report about or about something else that you might find in your home or garden. Email your poems to me and I will put them up in our gallery for other children to guess what you are writing about.


Look at this place.

If you were there, what could you see? What could you hear? What might you smell? What might you feel? What might you taste? Make a mind map to plan your ideas like the one below.


Use your planning from yesterday to write a description that tells your reader about the place.
• Tell the reader about the building. What is it?
• What is happening outside?
• Think about how you can use your senses in your description


We are going to revise our learning from earlier in the year. Read each lesson in your textbook to begin. Try the In Focus task first of all like we do in class. Think about all the possible methods that you might use. Answer the Guided Practice questions and write the answers into your text book. The day after reading each lesson, I will ask you to answer the matching page in your workbook. I will update this page with the answers later in the week so you can mark your own work.


Lesson 3 - place value of 3 digit numbers. Workbook pages 5 - 8



Lesson 4 - comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000. Textbook pages 12 - 15. In focus task and guided practice questions.



Lesson 4 - comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000. Workbook pages 9 - 12.



Lesson 5 - counting in 50s. Textbook pages 16 - 18. In focus task and guided practice questions.



Lesson 5 - counting in 50s. Workbook page 14.


Wider Curriculum:

Choose an activity from the grid to complete each day.


Here are your 10 spelling words for this week. Practise them each day by writing them 3 times, writing them in sentences, making a spelling story or using any of the other spelling games that we use in class. At the end of the week, ask somebody at home to give you a spelling test. Let me know how you get on!

Additional resources for learning at home

House of Dance: 

House of Dance have decided to put together a super cool fun timetable of all things HOD once a day. This will be LIVE and directly brought to you by one of the HOD crew. Each day there will be something different from dance, drama, singing and not to forget some super fun challenges to keep the children entertained and active. 

The Key Stage 2 lesson will happen daily at 2:30pm - 3pm.

This is completely FREE OF CHARGE and anyone can join in. They will be streaming live on the House of Dance Ltd Facebook page.

Spellings: Use the Spelling Shed website to practise this week's spellings and other spelling patterns that we have learned in year 3. The website information and your log on information is stuck into the front cover of your Home Learning book.

Times Table Rockstars: Use Times Table Rockstars to practise the times tables that we have learned in year 3 - the 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s and 8s. The website information and your log on information is stuck into the front cover of your Home Learning book.

Numbots: Use Numbots to practise your mental maths skills. The website information and your log on information is stuck into the front cover of your Home Learning book.

Coding: Use Code Studio to work on your coding skills like we do in class. It will work on a tablet, phone, laptop or desktop computer. The website information and your log on information is stuck into the front cover of your Home Learning book.

Reading: Oxford Owl has an excellent e-library of colour banded books to read online at home. Register as a parent at:

You can contact me at

I will be available to answer any questions that you have or if you would just like to say hello! I would love to see what you are up to. Please email any photographs of your work to me. 

Have a lovely time learning at home!

smiley Miss Yates smiley


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