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Mrs Marshall

Mrs Bailey


Welcome to Year 1 with

Mrs Marshall and Mrs Bailey


Welcome to the Year 1 Homepage!

Here you will find out everything you need to know about what Year 1 are getting up to in school.

Welcome Year 1  

Spring Term 2




This term our Year 1 team will be Mrs Marshall, Mrs Bailey and Mrs A Davies. 

During this second half term we have lots of exciting learning opportunities for our Year 1s.

In English, our new book will be revealed shortly, but we can tell you this time it is an adventure story with an inquisitive mammoth! For us to be super writers, we are practising thinking our sentences and holding them in our heads before we write them down onto paper. We are also focusing on using a capital letter at the start of a sentence, for a name of a person, place or date and for the pronoun I.  Another focus for our writing is using finger spaces between words and using a full stop, question mark or an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence. We have also started to join words and clauses using 'and' , and we will continue to practise and embed this skill this half term. We have also started to look at adding the suffix endings -ed, -ing, -er and -est to words where no change is needed to the root word e.g. jump - jumping, jumpedWe will continue with our daily Little Wandle phonics lessons and our reading sessions which will take place three times a week

In Maths, children will start to explore length of objects, including comparing lengths and describing whether something is taller, shorter or longer. They will move onto measuring objects using a ruler. They will also be exploring numbers up to 40 in a variety of different ways, including finding different ways to count objects up to 40, comparing numbers and finding number patterns. The children will continue to take part in Mastery Maths for 15 minutes, 4 days a week to help build their maths fluency.

We will be exploring materials in Science, exploring what materials objects are made from and why they are made from these materials. In Design and Technology will be using our scientific knowledge of materials to create shelters. In Geography this term we will be finding out about warmer areas of the world. We will continue to learn about seasons.

To support our PSHE work, the children will be taking part in My Happy Mind sessions to help create a culture of positive, mental wellbeing. We will be completing the Relate module with a particular focus on active listening, being a good friend and developing our social skills before moving on to the Engage module which focuses on learning how to egnage in the world using strategies we have learnt. Children will be involved in setting their own personl goals. We will be focusing on the character strengths of perseverance and resilience. We would encourage parents to download and access the myHappymind App and reinforce these positive messages of well being with the children. Our No Outsiders programme supports this work. This term we will celebrating ourselves and developing ways to connect with each other. Mrs Turnbull will be working with our Y1 children, teaching them the art curriculum this half term.

PE days will be on Mondays (all afternoon) this half term and will be delivered by AmaSing and SR Sports, so children will need to wear their PE kits to school on Mondays. They may want to come in jogging bottoms or leggings.  

As a reminder: The PE kit is a plain blue or Oldfield logo royal blue t-shirt, white or black shorts, black or grey leggings or joggers. The school sweatshirt or another royal blue sweatshirt, hoody jumper can be worn. Pumps or trainers suitable for physical activity should be worn.


School uniform - please remember to clearly label clothing (including PE kit, hats, coats etc) so items can easily be returned to the children if they go missing. Please send your child into school every day this half term with a suitable coat for the time of year. We go outside for breaks when it is raining so the coat will need to be waterproof.


Although the children won't be bringing home spellings, they will continue to develop their spelling knowledge in school. 

We would encourage you to read daily with and to your children and to notice rhyme, pattern and spelling whilst you are reading.



Please use the tabs above to find out more about what your child is learning about in English and in Maths and for some educational games. Also, using the links above you will also be able to access key information linked with how to contact us and a reminder of what your child needs to bring in each day. 


Show and Tell

Please wait to find out more as to when and what day we will be doing Show and Tell. 

Here is a list of ideas of what can be brought in for Show and Tell.

- Certificates, awards, medals and/or trophies

- Special souvenirs from holidays/ visits from the week before

- Paintings, models or stories created by the children


Numbots is an online game, and APP, which improves recall and understanding of number facts and addition and subtraction facts.




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