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The Year 1 team are Mrs Marshall, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Davies and Mrs Woodington



Here you will find out everything you need to know about what Year 1 are getting up to in school.

Autumn Term 1

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For safety reasons please can children with long hair have their hair tied back on PE days and children with earrings take their earrings out at home before they come to school.

Thank you.


Speaking and listening development

We are looking forward to learning about toys past and present in our history topic this term.

To start off our topic we are inviting our Year 1 children on Friday 6th October to bring into school a toy that they enjoy playing with (not their most precious toy in case it gets lost or broken and not one that is valuable). They will have the opportunity on that day to tell us about it – what it does, how it works, what they like best about it, where they got it from etc. Please support your child in preparing them for this. It would be helpful for them to practice what they will say at home to increase their confidence. We will encourage and reassure them as they do this.

If you would prefer to send in a photograph of what your child enjoys playing with your child can bring the photograph in, or you can email it to me and I will display the photograph on the classroom screen as the children share.

Can you help?

To support the children in getting a greater understanding of toys from the past, we would warmly welcome any parents / grand parents to talk to the class about what they enjoyed playing with when they were younger. You would be welcome to come into school on Friday 13th or Friday 20th in the afternoon. Alternatively, if you would like to share with the class but are unable to attend in person on those afternoons, you may like to film yourself talking about the toy / s that you played with when you were younger. If you email the clip to me I will share them with the class.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in supporting us with this.


Thank you :)


The term 

This term our Year 1 team will be Mrs Marshall, Mrs Bailey, Mrs A Davies and Mrs Woodington.

In English our new book will take the children on a magical journey which highlights the importance of friendship. During this half term, the children will be working on joining words to make simple sentences, leaving finger spaces between words and begin to explore using capital letters and full stops. 

In Maths, children will look at numbers up to 10 and addition within10. The children will continue to take part in Mastery Maths for 15 minutes, 4 days a week to help build their maths fluency.

In Science we will be learning about animals, including humans, naming and locating parts of their bodies including the sense organs. We will also be naming parts of the bodies of other animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and other mammals and using species specific vocabulary. We are going to be describing, comparing and contrasting two different animals and understanding the functions of the sense organs, identifying familiar scents, textures, tastes and sounds.

In Geography we are looking at Changing Seasons over the whole year, with a specific focus in setting up our learning for the year. We will be naming the four seasons, observing and describing common similarities and differences between them, measuring rain and wind. We will be taking making observations and taking photographs of different scenes around school and comparing them throughout the year to notice similiarities and differences.
In History we will be learning about changing in toys, particularly focusing on the similiarities and differences between toys the children play with now to those their parents, grandparents, our school staff etc played with. There will be an opportunity for adults to share with the children what they played with either by sending in a clip of themselves talking about it or coming into school to speak to the children. More information will follow later in the term.
In RE will will be learning more about being part of a community, including faith communities and the Christian faith, and exploring what it means to belong.
In Art we will be mixing colours and exploring the work of Kandinsky.

To support our PSHE work, the children will be taking part in My Happy Mind sessions to help create a culture of positive, mental wellbeing. We will be completing the first module this half term which focuses on our brains before moving on to learn how to celebrate and be grateful for the positives around us.

Our No Outsiders programme supports this work and also develops our friendship skills, giving us the opportunity to appreciate the relationships we have with those around us.

We will be developing a class emotional toolkit linked to different Zones of Regulation (Red Zone, Blue Zone, Green Zone and Yellow Zone) and moving on to developing our own individual toolkits to support our wellbeing. 

PE days will be on Monday, Tuesday and Fridays this half term so please send children into school in PE kits on these days. On Monday the children will have AmaSing, on Tuesday they will have have multi skills with Pat and Andy and on Fridays they will have gymnastics with Mr Bell.   

School uniform - please remember to clearly label clothing (including PE kit, hats, coats etc) so items can easily be returned to the children if they go missing. Please send your child into school every day this half term with a suitable coat for the time of year. We go outside for breaks when it is raining so the coat will need to be waterproof.

Although the children won't be bringing home spellings, they will continue to develop their spelling knowledge in school. 

We would encourage you to read daily with and to your children and to notice rhyme, pattern and spelling whilst you are reading.



Please use the tabs above to find out more about what your child is learning about in English and in Maths and for some educational games. Also, using the links above you will also be able to access key information linked with how to contact us and a reminder of what your child needs to bring in each day. 





Numbots is an online game, and APP, which improves recall and understanding of number facts and addition and subtraction facts.




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