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Here is everything that you need for your Home Learning for this week.  If you need to check anything from previous weeks, you can find the work on the tabs at the top our class page.

Miss Cobden, Mrs Holmes and I are really missing you all. I love hearing how you are getting on so if you would like to send me photographs of your work, a short video of you reading or would just like to say hello, send me an email. I would love to hear from you.



Hello Busy Bees! This is it, our final week in Year 1. The Year 1 team are all really proud of you all and we are looking forward to seeing you on our class zoom later this week. (Emails will be sent to parents via school spider on Monday 13th). Enjoy your week, work hard and try your best with you learning. 

This week's home learning will run as usual and will be based around 'Transition' as the children prepare to spread their wings from Year 1 to Year 2. ,Those children in school will be completing the same tasks. 

We are aware that we have not completed the academic year, which means we have not completed our maths workbooks. Please can we politely request that you do not work in them in over the summer holidays, as it is highly likely they will be needed when the children begin Year 2. Thank you for your understanding. 

I have added the new activities grid for 'Active July', see below. 

Have a great final week of term!

Miss Jones



23.6.20 - message from PCSO Beth about Road Safety

You might be getting out and about a bit more than you have done in a while so PCSO Beth has sent some useful tops for staying safe when crosing the road, travelling in a car and riding your bike. Now, I know that some of you have leant hot to ride your bike whilst you have been at home so it would be helpful to remind ourselves how to stay safe.

Please click here to download and read her tip tips for road safety. 



Summer Reading Challenge 2020

The Summer Reading Challenge 2020 has launched - have you registered to take part this week?  This is a virtual challenge this year and you can sign up here. 


** NEW ** House of Dance online lessons 

The House of Dance team will upload a new lesson for KS1 every Monday for you to enjoy at home by clicking here. 


Mindfulness Colouring (for the grown ups too!)

Adults and children, take some time out for yourselves. If you have a printer and would like to do some mindfulness colouring, there is a printable download of Chester to colour in. Happy colouring.  


Active July

Here are some activities to keep you active for the month of July. 



Open the Book *new video*

If you are missing our Wednesday Open the Book assemblies, Rev Blunt has put together a video for this week's assembly Click here


Chester Zoo LIVE! All previous virtual tours are available to watch on the Chester Zoo website.



You can contact me at 

Parents and carers, I will answer any questions and support you as best as I can.

Children, if you would just like to say hello, I would love to hear from you and see how you are getting on! You could also email any photographs of your work to me. 

Miss Jones

Dear Parents and Children

You will now have received your ‘Home Learning Pack’ . This pack includes:

  • A red exercise book
  • A pencil 
  • A ‘Maths No Problem’ Workbook
  • Reading Books (2 book banded books and a reading for pleasure text) and reading board games
  • A number line 
  • A sentence checker and sound mat


Home learning will be provided for each day of the week. The suggested home learning for each day below but please use your own judgement as every child is different. If your child is enjoying the task, please spend longer on it. Some tasks may require a little longer than the suggested time, writing in particular. The suggested time is for your child to complete a task and does not include your 'input'.

Maths Activity

30 minutes

Writing Activity

30 minutes

Phonics online lesson 

click here

20-30 minutes


15 minutes 



Other Activity from Home Learning Grid in pack or from previous Creative Curriculum Grids in homework book.

1 or 2 tasks per week


In addition to this I will provide ‘Words of the Week’ to read and learn during the week, just like you would do for spellings. These will be from the Year 1 National Curriculum word list. Practise 1 or 2 a day and perhaps an adult or older sibling could 'test' you on these words at the end of the week, in your spelling book?

I will also provide a 'Weekly Challenge' which will incorporate wider areas of the curriculum such as science, topic, art etc.  

I am aware there are an abundance of websites offering resources and ideas for home learning which can feel overwhelming. To help, I will suggest a ‘Website of the Week’.

This is only my suggestion and it will take time for you and your child/children (and me!) to get used to our new way of learning. Please do not put too much pressure on getting everything done and please fit learning around your family life. Ensure children (and adults!) have regular breaks and aim to get lots of physical activity during their day. 



Reading still remains the priority. Please only read one book per week with your child. Children need to build familiarity with a book to help them to become fluent readers. Regular practise of the same book will ensure this.

Please continue to supplement your child’s reading with your own books to encourage reading for pleasure. 


For eBooks to read at home click Oxford OwlThis is an excellent resource for home learning as you can choose books from your child's current book band colour. Please see handout in Home Learning Pack for login information and user instructions.

Using class login and the parents link will give you access to all books

Username: oldfield_year1 

Password: OPSY1


If you have now read all of the Oxford Owl titles, click Collins Connect for some new books to read at home from Collins Big Cat. Like Oxford Owl, these are linked to book band colours. If your child finds a book easy, perhaps try a book in the next colour down. 


Click on the Teacher Portal and enter the following: 



Password: Parents20! 


Please feel free to send me short videos of your child reading if you would like. 



Please access the daily lessons on the Letters and Sounds for home and school YouTube Channel. Click here to access the YouTube Channel. Please look at the Year 1 playlist for daily lessons.

We will begin on Tuesday 28th April with Lesson 2. 


Internet Safety

Children will probably be accessing online materials more than ever during this time. Thinuknow have created a page dedicated to supporting parents whilst children access remote learning. It is intended to provide parents with advice and resources to help learn about online safety, at home with your child. There are plenty of useful help sheets and home learning activities, some of which I will use for home learning tasks, as part of our computing curriculum. Click here to go to the parents page. 



This Week's Weekly Tasks

Please note, key worker children who are coming into school will be doing the same daily activities with the adult in their bubble.

A note about phonics:

This week will be a combination of the Letters and Sounds Videos and teacher set tasks. We will be focusing on the ways to write the 'air' sound (air/are/ear) and will round of the week with a video review. 



Monday 13th July  

Phonics: Today, please watch lesson 38 - Year 1. (‘air’ sound written as are, for example, care, stare, dare)



English: 'All about Me' week - self-portrait 


Can you believe we have just one more week left before the summer holidays? Now that we know that your Year 2 teachers will be Mrs Marshall and Mrs Harrison, shall we help them get to know you?

This week in English, we will be making ‘all about me’ self-portraits and posters to help your new teachers get to know you. To share your fabulous work you can either email photographs of your work to me and I will pass them onto Mrs Marshall and Mrs Harrison. Or, you could keep your work safe until Setember and give it to them in person.

For today’s task, I would like you to draw a self-portrait. This just means a drawing of you, drawn by yourself. Remember to take your time when drawing and colouring in. You may find it useful to have a mirror in front of you.


Extra challenge: think of 4 words that descibe you and write them around your self-portait. Examples could be, kind, funny, artistic, cheerful, shy.


Here are some useful steps to help you.



Maths: counting in 2s


Let’s practise counting in 2s. Can you count to 10? How about 20?

Can you use objects to group into 2s and practise counting?

If you cannot use objects, practise alternating clapping and tapping your knees as you count. For example 0 (clap) 2 (tap knees) 4 (clap) 6 (tap knees) and so on.


When you feel confident, have a go at copying these number tracks, filling in the missing numbers.



Tuesday 14th July 

Phonics: Today, please watch lesson 39 - Year 1. (‘air’ sound written as ear for example, bear, tear, wear, pear)



English: All about Me fact file/poster 


I know that Mrs Marshall and Mrs Harrison cannot wait to meet you in September. They are both excited to get to know you a bit more so I think it would be a nice idea to make an all about me poster for them to read. (You can email this to me to pass on or keep it safe until you see them in September).

Below is an example of how to set our your poster, including a space to draw your family and friends. Mine is a little boring to look at so maybe you could add some colour to make yours bright and cheerful.

If you have a printer or are in school today, ask a grown up to print this template for you to use. If not, just make your own using my example. 





Maths: There is no maths task today so you can use the extra time for your all about me poster.


If you have spare time, you may wish to practice counting in 10s or 2s.



Wednesday 15th July 

Phonics: tricky words 

Today we are going to learn how to read some new phase 5 tricky words. Remember these are words that we cannot use our phonics sounds for, we just try our best to remember them.

An adult will help you to read these tricky words. Read them in order.

Top tip for remembering thought, think of a thought bubble and for through, think about looking through a window.


Now, can you read each of these sentences in your head and then aloud? Can you spot the tricky words?

  • Who thought they saw a mouse swimming through the water again?
  • Look through the window to see who is outside.
  • Where is the little mouse who likes to splash?
  • Where do you work?

Finally, you will need a piece of paper. Fold it in half once, then again and one more time. When you unfold your piece of paper, you should have 8 rectangles. Write one tricky word in each box like my picture. Then, close your eyes and place a finger onto the piece of paper. Open your eyes and read the word your finger lands on. Place this as many times as you can to become familiar with these tricky words. 


English: reflection and goal setting 


Although our time in Year 1 has been a little bit shorter than usual, you have achieved so much and should be very proud of yourselves. I am very proud of you all.

Today’s is about celebrating your Year 1 achievements and thinking about setting a goal for Year 2, anything that you would like to achieve next year.

I would like you to pick two achievements and two goals which means we can practise using ‘and’  to join our ideas.


Here are some sentence starters to help:


In Year 1 I have  ….. and I have …..

In Year 2 I would like to ……  and …….



Maths: doubling using drawings 

Doubling means adding the same number twice.

Can you use this method to find doubles to 5:

Double 1 is

Double 2 is

Double 3 is

Double 4 is

Double 5 is


How about doubles to 10?

Double 6 is

Double 7 is

Double 8 is

Double 9 is

Double 10 is


Thursday 16th July 


Today we are going to investgate the different ways of writing the ‘air’ sound.

We have learnt the three ways to write the ‘air’ sound.

There are no rules for spelling this sound but are is the most common so it is your ‘best bet’.

First, practise segmenting and blending these words. I have underlined the ‘air’ sound to help you.

Then, split your page into three and sort the words into the grid, writing the word under the correct spelling:


English: Year One reflection

What ‘Busy Bees’ we have been in Year 1! Today we are going to have some time to think about our time in Year 1.

What have we done together?

What have you enjoyed?

Have you enjoyed any specific books?

Who has helped you this year?

Have you learnt something new?


After spending some time thinking about your memories of Year 1, can you make a word web all about Year 1. You might want to include little pictures.

Just write down any word that comes in your mind when you think about Year 1.


Here is an example: 


Maths: All about Me using numbers

For today’s maths task, we are going to make an all about me poster using numbers.

Here are some examples of how to use numbers to talk about you:


  • I am 6 years old.
  • I have five letters in my name.
  • My birthday is on the 18th day of the 7th month.


Here is my example:


If you have a printer or are in school today, ask a grown up to print this template. If not, just use the example to help you. 


Friday 17th July 

Phonics: Today, please watch lesson 40 - Year 1. (review lesson)



English: Year 1 Memory Page 


Today I would like you to think about your best memories of Year 1.  We are going to do some drawings of our best memories to make a scrapbook page like this.

If you have a printer or are in school today, ask a grown up to print this template for your to draw on.

If not, you can simply fold a piece of paper in half and half again to make 4 sections. Use this to make your own scrapbook page, choosing 4 of the ideas from the image above.  



Dear Y1 Parents and Carers, we are aware that we have not completed the academic year, which means we have not completed our maths workbooks. Please can we politely request that you do not work in them in over the summer holidays, as it is highly likely they will be needed when the children begin Year 2.  Many thanks, Miss Jones.


Today is Friday the 17th of July. We are going to use the date for our maths today. Make a poster to show how many ways can you show the number17?

Here is an example for yesterday which used the number 16 as it was the 16th of July. Use it to help with your ideas for today’s task.



Words of the week: Year 1 common exception words (words that are spelt without using the normal spelling rules).


        1.water      2. where       3. work        4. please         5. eyes

6. many       7. who          8. Any          9. again           10. mouse


Can you read the words? Have a go at practising speling them using one of these spelling practice strategies: 

Perhaps you could ask an adult or a sibling to test you on these words on a Friday. 



Weekly Challenge: Design your dream classroom!


The teachers will all be ‘Busy Bees’ during the summer holidays as they set up the classrooms ready for September. If you could design your dream classroom, what would it look like?

Draw a bird’s eye view (from above) picture of your dream classroom. 



Website of the week: GoNoodle via Youtube

The GoNoodle playlist on Youtube is a great way to keep active and learn some new moves. Here is the link to their playlist:

Have a look at the videos and try them at home or in school with your bubble.


This is my favourite routine and the song is from Trolls. (Can’t stop the feeling). Why not practise the routine at home?


For further ideas to try at home, please refer to the information sheet and Home Learning Grid in your child's Home Learning pack. There is also a new home learning grid for the Summer Term in the files to download section called NEW HOME LEARNING GRID (curriculum extras) 11.5.20.

You could also check out the suggested websites and games using the  tabs at the top of the page. 






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