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Welcome to the Year 2


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So Year 2, you have made it to the final week with us. You have all grown so much this year, learnt a lot and we are very proud of each and every single one of you. We are going to miss you so much next year.

What a challenging year this has been! No one would have guessed that your last year in KS1 would have ended like this. However, the Year 3 teachers are ready and prepared to ease you back into your learning in September and they are really excited to get to know you all.

We would also like to say a big thank you to all of you who contributed to our gorgeous hampers. That was a lovely surprise for us to get and we have been tucking into them already. 

The last week of Year 2 learning is below :) 


Also, you will all be receiving a little something from the Year 2 team via email towards the end of the week, so please keep your eyes peeled for that!


Remember we are just an email away if you need us at all!


A great idea for this week...


Join the Summer Reading Challenge 2020


    This year the summer reading challenge will be done virtually! You can sign up to take part here




Some ideas for this week...

Here's great idea to stay active at home for the

whole month of July! 


Classroom Secrets Kids

Classroom Secrets Kids is a brand new website from Classroom Secrets, a resource used by teachers and is packed full of fun and engaging and activities for children linked to the National Curriculum. 

PLEASE NOTE: This website does require a parent to sign up but everything is currently free to access. 


Please explore the following areas of the Year 2 area, using the drop down options.  These are areas of the Curriculum we have covered in class and would be useful for the children to recap. 

  • GPS (Grammar Punctuation and Spelling)
  • Maths 
  • Phonics
  • Reading 
    • try a reading comprehension quiz
  • Spelling  



House of Dance

House of Dance have decided to put together a super cool fun timetable of all things HOD once a day. This will be LIVE on theHOUSE OF DANCE LTD Facebook page and directly brought to you by one of the HOD crew. Each day there will be something different from dance, drama, singing and not to forget some super fun challenges to keep the children entertained and active. 

Join along via Facebook, Monday - Friday 2-2:30pm for KS1

HOD also have pre-recorded sessions on their YouTube channel should you wish to use those as well.




***Please scroll to the bottom of the page for

this week's learning*** 



Dear Parents and Children

Home learning will be provided on this page for each day of the week.

The suggested home learning for each day will comprise:

  • A Maths Activity (suggested time 30 minutes)
  • An English Activity (suggested time 30 minutes)
  • Daily Reading
  • Spellings (suggested time 15 mins)

Also please choose one or two tasks from the Year 2 Wider Curriculum Grid to complete each week. This can be found in the 'Files to Download' section below. 


Words of the Week

Please learn the following Year 2 words for the week. You could ask a parent/helper to test you each Friday like we do in school.

station      perfection       section        nation       correction

emotion      information      condition     fiction     attention





Reading is the most important thing that you can do whilst you are at home :)

You should have been provided with some extra reading books to practise over the period of the school closure (however long that may be).

Please apply the same rules as we have in school and only read one school book per week. Children need to build familiarity with a book to help them to become fluent readers. Regular practise of the same book will ensure this.

Please of course continue to supplement your child’s reading with your own books and encourage lots of reading for pleasure :) 

For more books to read at home Oxford Owl offer a free e-book library. Books can be selected by book band colour. This is an excellent resource for home learning in the coming weeks. 


If you have now read all of the Oxford Owl titles, we can recommend the following website for some new books to read at home.

Click on the Teacher Portal and enter the following information: 



Password: Parents20! 



This Week's Learning


Maths:    Chapter 14: Worksheet 6 - Finding Durations of Time

Read the information below before completing the worksheet:



Extra challenge if wanted:



English: Complete the following task:






Maths: Chapter 14: Worksheet 7 - Finding Ending Times

Read the following information and then complete the worksheet:


Extra challenge if wanted:



English: Try writing your own acrostic poem about Year 2.

Write Year Two down the side and use the letters to start your poem. Here is an example:




Maths: Chapter 14: Worksheet 8 - Finding Ending Times

Read the following information and then complete the worksheet:


Extra challenge if wanted:


English: Complete the task:





Maths: Chapter 14: Worksheet 9: Finding Starting Times

Read the following information and then complete the worksheet:


Extra challenge if wanted:



As we approach the end of Year 2, Mrs Marshall and I have enjoyed thinking about some of our favourite memories from this year. Click here to see the Year 2 Gallery to remind yourselves of some of the wonderful things we got up to this year!

For your task today, have a go at completeing this Year 2 Memories sheet.

If you have access to a printer, you could print this template off and complete it. If not you could copy the template into your home learning book and complete it in there. 






Maths: Chapter 14: Lesson 10 Finding Starting Times

Read the following information and then complete the worksheet:




Extra Challenge if needed:




If we were in school today I'm sure we would be having a lovely treat to celebrate our pebble jar being full and to celebrate the end of term. You have worked so hard these last few weeks and come through what has been a very strange time for us all. Today for your task, I would like you to spend some time thinking about how AMAZING you are and of everything you have achieved in the last year!

Choose an activity that you would like to do to reward yourself for all your efforts. There are some ideas below. Maybe you could ask an adult to join you in your activity as remember they have worked very hard too! 



It has been a pleasure to teach you all this year Year 2 and we are going to miss you all so much! Thank you for taking part in our home learning and for always trying your best! Have a wonderful summer! :)

Additional Home Learning Resources


If you would like any additional activities we can

recommend the following resources:


Classroom Secrets Kids is a FREE resource used by teachers and is packed full of fun and engaging and activities for children linked to the National Curriculum


Phonics Play is offering FREE access to spelling games for home learning.

Please follow the link

Username: march20 Password: home

Please click 'Children' 'Games' and select the relevant games for the following groups- 

Mrs Holmes Group- Select Phase 4

Mrs Marshall/Mrs Harrison- Select Phase 5

Mrs Davies- Select Phase 6


Oxford Owl offers a FREE e-book library. Please register as a parent to access the books online. Please follow the link


Numbots -As a school we subscribe to Numbots. Children all have their own login information which can be found on the white sticker on the front of their exercise book. Please follow the link


Twinkl- Twinkl offers many worksheet based activities that can be completed. This includes curriculum content as well as fun games and craft ideas. They are offering a FREE home learning hub during the school closure. Follow the link  Enter the offer code CVDTWINKLHELPS for a months free access to all resources :)


ExpeRImental- If you or your child love Science, there are some really easy Science experiments to do at home. Please follow the follow the link  and then click on 'ExpeRImental'. 



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