Year 4 2019 - 2020

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Mrs Hover

Mrs Woodington

Mrs Dalgarno

Welcome Year 4 to your ‘Home School Page’!


*Please remember to email a photo for our Year 4 Class Photo*

Dear Year 4,

It’s Monday and your last week of being Year 4 at Oldfield!! You may remember the class photo at the top of the page which was taken during your transition day – we had to take it quickly because it was so sunny!

It has been a long time since we’ve all been in school together but we really are so proud of every one of you!  Mr Brown and all the rest of the staff are too! We’re excited to see you virtually on Tuesday for our Zoom meeting so have a little think if there is something you would like to show or share with the class. We have seen lots of photos of your amazing home learning and other activities you have been up to! If you just want to say hello and see everyone, that is fine too! smiley

It’s the last week of term and let’s have a fantastic one! Your ‘Safari Ranger’ journey continues for three more days and then we are going to do a two day mini project to help you get ready for Year 5!

Please also find ‘Active July’ in ‘Files to Download’ and towards the end of the week, we’ll pop some fun activities and ideas to help keep you busy over the summer holidays.

Good luck everyone and keep smiling!

Mrs Hover and Mrs Leake xx


Suggested Guide:

Maths: 30 mins 

English (Writing): 30 mins

Reading: minimum of 20 mins each day plus one Reading Activity and one comprehension per week

Wider curriculum activity: 30 mins 


Monday 13th – Wednesday 15th July


 Well done Rangers!  

 You have completed some excellent work on predators but they couldn’t be predators without   something to eat!

Safari ranger Project WeeK TWO……focus on prey

In your food chain work you will also have seen the role of a prey.

You now need to choose a form of prey to focus on.  It might be one that the predator you studied eats, but you can choose a different food chain prey if you wish.   You will have to find out certain facts about your prey and then present them.

It is your choice again how you present them, in your book, on a powerpoint, in an ibook, or even an imovie!  But ideally I would like you to challenge yourself and choose a different method of presentation but you might want to practise the method you used last week again so, any method of presentation is fine.  We recommend doing one or two sections a day, but you may get in the groove and complete it more quickly!

The information you will need to include is:-

Where your prey lives naturally and details about its habitat

What your prey eats and any problems with finding food

How your prey spends its time

How your prey is adapted to its habitat and how it rears its young

Any threats or dangers that your prey or its habitat faces

Any other interesting facts you would like to include!

We can’t wait to see them!


These word wheels are pretty cool! You could adapt this idea to fit our predator project!


Thursday 16th July – Friday 17th July

Introducing yourself to Mrs Percival! Please choose from one of the two activities.


Activity 1

You now know that Mrs Percival is going to be teaching you in Year 5 so you are going to send her a little bit of information about yourself. This could be a friendly handwritten letter that you have illustrated or you can use a laptop if you have one. To help you, there are some bullet points with the type of information you may wish to include (you don’t need to include them all).

  • My age and birthday
  • My family and pets
  • My top three places in the world!
  • My top three games, hobbies or activities!
  • My top three foods!
  • Three things I love to do with my family
  • Write about a funny thing that happened in your family
  • My favourite characters in a book or a film
  • My perfect day – morning, afternoon and evening
  • A person that inspires you
  • Three things I have enjoyed since lockdown
  • Three things I have learnt since lockdown
  • Other things I would like you to know about me!


Or Activity 2

Using the suggestions above, create a piece of art work about yourself. You will need to draw an outline of the shape you decide to use.  Here are some ideas:

You can use any shape!

If you email your letters/art work to me first (Mrs Hover), then I’ll pass on to Mrs Percival. There is no rush – email me when you’re happy to share your work. We look forward to seeing them!



Please don’t continue to complete any extra pages in the workbooks over the summer holiday as I have informed Mrs Percival of what has been taught and she will then fill in any gaps in September.


Monday 13th July

Maths – Area

Have a look at the following problem:

In your second ‘Maths No Problem Workbook’, please complete Chapter 11 - Worksheet 4 (p109-110)


Tuesday 14th July

Maths – Area

Watch this video on calculating area


Have a look at the following problem:

In your second ‘Maths No Problem Workbook’, please complete Chapter 11 - Worksheet 5 (p111-112)


Wednesday 15th July

Maths – Area

Have a look at the following problem:

In your second ‘Maths No Problem Workbook’, please complete Chapter 11 - Worksheet 6 (p113-114)

Maths Challenge – Mind Workout (p115) and Review 11 (p116-120)


Thursday 16th July

Maths – Angles

Watch this video on different angles!! smiley

Look below at the three types of angles:

Have a look at the following problem. A quadrilateral is any four-sided shape.


In your second ‘Maths No Problem Workbook’, please complete Chapter 12 - Worksheet 1 (p121-122)


Friday 17th July

Maths – Angles

Have a look at the following problem:

In your second ‘Maths No Problem Workbook’, please complete Chapter 12 - Worksheet 2 (p123-125)


Animal Documentaries & Film Clips: (Optional)

Animals catching their prey and hunting for food

Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall tracks down 60 of the world's deadliest animals


Natural History Museum (Virtual tour of the Natural History Museum)


ANIMAL ART (Optional)

Realistic Animal Art

There are lots of websites to help you but here is one suggestion:

Mythical Creatures

A favourite book of mine is:

Try drawing a mythical creature like the ones below or combine two animals together. Sketch first then add thin washes of paint such as watercolour.


Websites/Activities for the Summer - coming soon!



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