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Welcome Year 4 to your ‘Home School Page’!


Spring Term: Second half


Dear Year 4,

We hope you are doing well! How has your first week of home learning gone? It may take a while to get used to a new routine – it has in our homes too! We hope you have also spent lots of time outside in the sunshine and enjoyed some of the amazing activities online. Mrs Hover has been keeping up with Joe Wickes every morning and even tried some of Oti Mabuse’s (Strictly Come Dancing) dances! Chloe, Jules and the team are also streaming LIVE on their HOUSE OF DANCE LTD Facebook page for the following sessions:

2.00-2.30pm |  KS1       2.30-3.00pm | KS2

They have Pre-recorded sessions on their YouTube channel, should you wish to use those as well:

Please send pictures of anything you’ve been up to and let us know if you would like to share these pictures in the Gallery (click on ‘Teacher Emails tab above). We would love to see them!

Please find the home learning for Monday and Tuesday below. On Tuesday, we will then add the activities for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Each week, we will copy the previous week’s learning into ‘Files to Download’ at the bottom of the page.  Remember this is only a guide to give your week some structure.  

We will also continue to update the 'Home School Websites' (see tab above) with other fun activities to try.

Take lots of care! Remember to help your grownups at home and try to be extra patient with your brothers and sisters!

Good Luck Year 4! We will be in touch again soon.


Mrs Hover and Mrs Leake xx


Suggested Guide:

Maths: 30 mins

English (Writing): 30 mins

Reading: minimum of 20 mins each day plus two Reading Activities a week

Wider curriculum activity: 30 mins (This might be Science, History, Art......)


This week's Learning:

Monday 30th March


1) Please mark last week’s work. The answers are in ‘File Manager’ below. The answers for this week’s Maths activities are also below so you can mark your own work daily if you wish.

2) Rounding numbers to Estimate - Worksheet 13 (p16-17) - Maths No Problem Workbook


Number 1 – Remember to think about the two tens numbers either side of 26 (20 and 30) and then round up or down by looking at the ones digit.

Number 2 – Remember to think about numbers less than and greater than 430.

Numbers 3 & 4 – Remember to round all numbers to the nearest 10. This includes the three digit numbers e.g. 123 lies between 120 and 130 but the ones digit tells us it rounds down to 120.

Optional Challenges:

Mind Workout (p20)

See Maths Challenges - ‘Home School Websites’ tab above and in ‘Files to Download’ below.


1) In class, we have been looking at 2A sentences. These are sentences with TWO ADJECTIVES before the first noun and TWO ADJECTIVES before the second noun.

Choose at least four of your favourite book characters or film characters and create 2A sentences to describe them.  Roald Dahl and David Walliams’ characters would work really well. 

Category:Characters | Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Wiki | Fandom

Do your sentences create a clear picture for the reader?

Optional Challenge:

Can you create your own characters and describe them using 2A sentences?

Draw one or more of the characters.



Read for 20 minutes at least.


Practise your spelling words

circle, century, centaur, circus, princess, voice, medicine, celebrate, celery, pencil

Wider curriculum activity

Wider curriculum activity today is History.  Your half hour today is to research The Trojan War.  Watching Horrible Histories might help! Make notes as you watch as tomorrow will be the write up.


Tuesday 31st March


1) Rounding numbers to Estimate - Worksheet 14 (p18-19) - Maths No Problem Workbook


Number 1 – Remember to think about the two multiples of 100 either side of 3188 (3100 and 3200) and then round up or down by looking at the tens digit.

Optional Challenge: Review 1 (p21 & p22)

See Maths Challenges - ‘Home School Websites’ tab above and in ‘Files to Download’ below.


1) There are so many amazing settings in children’s books and films! Think about Mr Wonka’s Chocolate Factory; Harry Potter - Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, The Burrow; The Faraway Tree; Narnia; setting from Alice in Wonderland; Neverland from Peter Pan; the different settings in Star Wars. The list goes on.

Can you describe a setting using 2A sentences?


e.g. This is a description of the Chocolate Room from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

There was a sweet-smelling, grassy meadow with a fast-flowing chocolate river.


How about a spooky setting?


The dark, spooky house with narrow, broken windows.

Some of you may wish to use a thesaurus to improve your vocabulary and extend your sentences further.

e.g. The shadowy, spooky house with narrow, broken windows stood lifeless in the inky blackness of the night.


Optional Challenge:

Can you create your own setting and describe it using 2A sentences?

Draw one of the settings you have described.



At least 20 minutes of reading plus an activity off the Reading Activities sheet.

Wider curriculum activity

Take one page of your workbook to write up all your information on The Trojan War.  You may present it how you wish but only one quarter of the page is allowed to be a picture!


Websites not to miss!

Free Virtual Field Trips. This website is amazing! Keep scrolling down he page.

Minecraft challenges for KS1/2

Learn to draw with Rob Biddulf!

David Walliams will be releasing an audio story every day for the next 30 days for free. First up is The Terrible Triplets! Enjoy!

Chester Zoo - Explore our range of resources to help with teaching and learning at home.

Join us live for a virtual zoo day



See 'Year 4: Gallery Items' tab below to view all photographs from this year.


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