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Oldfield Primary School Curriculum

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At Oldfield Primary School we have reviewed our curriculum in response to a new National Curriculum and Assessment reform, but more importantly to develop a love of learning with our children.

In school, we follow the Letters and Sounds programme. Letters and Sounds is a phonics resource published by the Department for Education and Skills which consists of six phases.

In each curriculum area we have identified Key Assessment Criteria that will be mastered to prepare the children for their next stage of learning. We want children to be master learners who can use the knowledge, skills and understanding independently. Some of our children will not attain the expected learning, they will be supported with learning that identifies their next step. Children were moved far too rapidly through the curriculum in the past, with gaps in leaning that created foundations that were not strong enough on which to build future learning. Staff will build a solid learning foundation before children are moved on through their learning journey. Some children will learn beyond the expected level for their age, working at a greater depth or higher learning standard. Staff will provide opportunities for all children to learn a broad and balanced curriculum, developing a love of learning and involve the children in being reflective and successful learners

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