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Oldfield Primary School Curriculum


The curriculum at Oldfield Primary is designed to provide a broad and balanced education that meets the needs of all children. It provides opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident and successful learners, with high aspirations, who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society. The curriculum ensures that academic success, creativity and problem solving, reliability, responsibility and resilience, as well as physical development, well-being and mental health are key elements that support the development of the whole child and promote a positive attitude to learning. Our curriculum celebrates and utilises the skills and knowledge of our  community while supporting the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, ensuring that children are well prepared for life in modern Britain and the world beyond.

A Mastery approach

At Oldfield Primary, we focus on a mastery approach in our curriculum. In each curriculum area we have identified Key Assessment Criteria that will be mastered to prepare the children for their next stage of learning. Our curriculum is designed to allow children to be able to use their knowledge, skills and understanding independently. In the past, children were moved far too rapidly through the curriculum. This resulted in gaps in learning and foundations that were not strong enough on which to build future understanding. At Oldfield, we will build a solid learning foundation before children are moved on through their learning journey. 

Some children will learn beyond the expected level for their age, working at a greater depth or higher learning standard where they will develop a deeper understanding. Some of our children will not attain the expected learning. All of our learners will be supported with learning that identifies their next step in building the firm foundations on which future learning can be built upon. 


Our curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and other experiences and opportunities which best meet the learning and developmental needs of the children in our school. A themed curriculum approach has been implemented at the school to ensure coverage and progression in a number of curriculum areas. The themed approach enables children to make links between their learning and fosters each child’s curiosity and interest. Our curriculum is underpinned by reading texts which link the themes together. We aim to provide children with memorable learning experiences from which children can learn and develop a range of transferable skills.

Phonics and Early Reading programme

In school, we follow the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Phonics and Early Reading programme. Please find out more by clicking on the link below.

Oldfield Primary School: Phonics - Little Wandle Letters and Sounds


Early Years

At Oldfield Primary School we want our children to be happy, confident, well-rounded and motivated individuals with a love for learning. We want children to feel a sense of belonging, develop a positive sense of who they are and feel that they are a valued and respected part of a family and the school community.

We aim to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment which builds on each individual’s wants, needs and interests and supports the children’s growth of independence, resilience and collaboration. We provide an education where each child is valued and enabled to achieve their highest possible outcomes.

We encourage a close partnership with families to facilitate links in children’s learning and wellbeing between home and school.

All our subject overviews start from reception. Please see attached documents which detail our curriculum progression. 

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