The end of Key Stage 1 expectations for Writing are:

The pupil can, after discussion with the teacher:

• write simple, coherent narratives about personal experiences and those of others
(real or fictional)

• write about real events, recording these simply and clearly

• demarcate most sentences in their writing with capital letters and full stops, and use
question marks correctly when required

• use present and past tense mostly correctly and consistently

• use co-ordination (e.g. or / and / but) and some subordination (e.g. when / if / that /
because) to join clauses

• segment spoken words into phonemes and represent these by graphemes, spelling
many of these words correctly and making phonically-plausible attempts at others

• spell many common exception words*

• form capital letters and digits of the correct size, orientation and relationship to one
another and to lower-case letters

• use spacing between words that reflects the size of the letters. 


The end of Key Stage 1 expectations for Reading are:

The pupil can:

• read accurately most words of two or more syllables

• read most words containing common suffixes*

• read most common exception words.*

In age-appropriate books, the pupil can:

• read most words accurately without overt sounding and blending, and sufficiently fluently
to allow them to focus on their understanding rather than on decoding individual words

• sound out most unfamiliar words accurately, without undue hesitation

In a book that they can already read fluently, the pupil can:

• check it makes sense to them, correcting any inaccurate reading

• answer questions and make some inferences

• explain what has happened so far in what they have read

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