Encouraging words about each other in Y3

Class: Year 3 Year: 2019 - 2020

I RE this week we have been looking at comments in the Bible to find out what Jesus said about himself - I am the Bread of Life, I am the Good Shepherd and I am the Light of the World.

We then thought about each other and how we would describe ourselves. Our friends helped us with this. We have chosen one comment to share with you about each other. Some children used this opportunity to write about members of their family and staff at school. 

Y3 comments about each other

Joel is a bundle of fun.

Jack O is rollercoaster of happiness.

Sophia is ray of friendship.

Casper is a bundle of kindness.

Niamh is a body of love.

Cai is a sparkle of friendship.


Libby is a heart of energy.

Brodie is a sparkle of joy.

Danny is a wave of happiness.

Lucie is a bubble of friendship.

Harry M is a mansion of friendship.

Oliver is a heart of friendship.


Harry L is a glass of laughter.

Max is a palace of imagination.

Elliott is a ship of hope and destiny.

Christian is a bubble of happiness.

Matilda is a house of friendship and laughter.

Jack W is a body of joy.


Sam is an ocean of imagination.

Emily is a jug of joy.

Alice is a mansion of creativity.

Jayden is a drone of imagination.

Emma is a star of respect.

Megan is a flower of happiness.


Zoe is an adventurous cloud.

Alfie is a crown of care.

Erin is a queen of intelligence.

Maya is a delicate flower ready to bloom into a glorious rainbow.

Nye is a mansion of comedy.

Reuben is a zooming basketball of triumph and intelligence.




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