Learning in Y1 29/9/23

Class: Year 1 Year: 2023 - 2024

Year 1 have been developing their balancing skills today in gymnastics with some adventurous ways to balance!

In science we played 20 questions to help us practice naming the body parts. We have been looking at body parts that are singular and those which come in pairs. We have also been exploring our senses, thinking about things we love to smell, taste, hear, see and touch.

We celebrated World Heart day and planned in time over the day to exercise our heart and to give our heart rest time. 

In our My Happy Mind lesson today we have been finding out all about our brain, where it is and some fun facts about it. Did you know it weighs about the same as 3 cans of beans? We are going to be finding out more about the important jobs our brain does, over the next few weeks.


Next Friday the children can bring in a toy to help introduce our topic on Toys. They will have the opportunity next Friday to tell us about their toy. Please see the note on our class page for more information.


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