Learning in Y1

Class: Year 1 Year: 2023 - 2024

Congratulations to everyone in Year 1 for completing their first myHappymind module where we have been learning about the brain and it's three parts - the hippocampus, amygdala and the pre frontal cortex. We have discovered that our brains grow when we learn new things and this is called neuroplasticity. We have been celebrating times when we have noticed that we have used different parts of our brain. We were proud to receive our first myHappymind certificate in Year 1 at the end of this module. Next term we will be completing the Celebrate module.

We have had lots of fun learning how to put three moving actions together in gymnastics today with Mr Bell, using a range of gymnastics equipment including the climbing frame.

A huge thank you to our visitors today. Mrs Maddocks, Mr Stephens and Pat came to speak to us about what they played with when they were children. We had prepared questions beforehand to ask them and found out about toys from the past. We identified things that were similar to what children play with today and things that are different. The children were surprised to hear there were only three television channels when our visitors were young, and there was no Disney + channel  !

In science today we wrote a class poem to help us identify the features of animal parts and their actions. We rewrote the words to The Wheels On The Bus.

Some of our favourite lines were:
The wings of the bat go swoop, dive, swoop.

The legs of the fox go prowl, prance, run.

The paws of the cat go grip, scratch, grip.

The tail of the monkey goes swish, swish, swish.

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