Learning in Year 1

Class: Year 1 Year: 2023 - 2024

We enjoyed telling the class what we like to play with, why we like playing with it and using describing words to help everyone understand more about our favourite toys. Some children brought their favourite toy into school to show everyone, some brought photographs and some told us from their memory. Mrs A Davies and Mrs Bailey learnt a lot about how some of the toys work and were introduced to some toys we hadn't heard of!

We have been learning about how incredible our brains are. We learnt a new word today called 'neuroplasticity' and thought about times when we work hard at something and our brain grows. We practiced that today! We used shoulder partner work (talking to the person next to us about our learning, the question being asked). This helped us to recall learning from last week ... and when we did this our brains grew! 

In gymnastics we really enjoyed using the apparatus to explore different ways to travel and move around the equipment.

Fish and chip Friday was another highlight of the day! The children are continuing to grow in independence as they learn to make choices about vegetables and fruit, collect and carry their trays, cut up their own food and then clear away their tray, plate etc from the dinner table. They were super role models to our Reception children.

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