Year 3's home learning! Week 12 (beginning 6th July)

Class: Year 3 Year: 2019 - 2020

Danny has used some fantastic language to describe the fairies this week. Well done Danny you have worked hard on your setting description.


Maya has written a very creative setting description and really focused on expanding her colour description by using the colour thesaurus. She has also worked extremely hard on her spellings this week. What a Superstar!


Sam has used some fantastic descriptive language this week. I particulary like his use of the words fleeing, leaps and the phrase 'depths of the cobalt blue ocean'. Brilliant work Sam!


Alice has used her imagination to write a beautiful and creative setting description. Trampolines disguised as mushrooms and purple lavender growing all around the fairy village. It sounds like a tranquil place to be right now!

Emma has created a beautiful painting for Alice and her family before they go away.

Erin has worked hard this week on her English and maths work. Superstar!

Nye has had a busy week this week achieving awards, reading books, making jam tarts, practising his spellings, solving his angle work and writing a fantastic setting description. Well done Nye.

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