Year 4 - Chester Zoo Workshop

Lesson: English

Class: Year 4 Year: 2018 - 2019

Chester Zoo Workshop - Act for Wildlife

We all learnt lots today with our safari ranger, Marissa from Chester Zoo. Marissa explained that Chester Zoo’s whole aim is to prevent animals from becoming extinct. We then looked at the main threats to endangered animals and these are:

1) Habitat loss 2) Illegal Wildlife trade 3) Pollution

Marissa explained that we need to ‘SPREAD THE WORD’ in order to help conservation. In groups, we looked at different animal artefacts that had been seized by the police due to illegal wildlife trade. They included a handbag made from snake skin, an elephant tusk, rhino medicine, leopard skin and chimpanzee skulls.

Finally, we discussed the impact of pollution and worked as a class to create a timeline, looking at how long it takes for everyday objects to break down and decompose.

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