Year 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Summer 2 (Week 6)

Class: Year 4 Year: 2019 - 2020

Here are some stills from Aidan's interactive Powerpoint on Japan! Do you know any of the answers? His Powerpoint is saved in 'Files to Download' with further questions!

Sophie has been busy building a volcano and making it erupt with vinegar, bicarb and some cherryade!

David has shared his PowerPoint on the nearby city of Liverpool! His Powerpoint is also saved in 'Files to Download'.

Felix has carefully constructed his volcano and the final photograph is a video still of his volcano erupting!

For this week's activity, Luke's predator is the anglerfish! There are two photographs from his PowerPoint and a still from his Lego mini movie!

Alfie has found out lots of facts about African Wild Dogs! Read more in his Powerpoint saved in 'Files to Download'.

Alice has researched and drawn a lovely picture of a jaguar!

Ollie C has been finding out about another big cat - the panther!

We have three birthdays this week in Year 4. Hapy Birthday to Lili (Thursday), Luke (Friday) and Connor on Sunday!! Luke sent us a picture of his birthday message!

David has researched the largest lizard - the Komodo dragon! Read David's Powerpoint to find out how they munch on big prey!!

Niamh has found out lots about an animal that used to roam in the wild in Britain. Find out more about wolves in Niamh's Powerpoint.

Brooke has also researched wolves but she has chosen a word wheel to effectively present her information.

Freya has found out lots of facts about killer whales! Read Freya's Powerpoint to find out information including how much they weigh! 

Here are some pictures taken from Felix's project on hyenas - I wonder which animals they like to eat?

Sophie created her predator work using Book Creator (see 'Files to Download' and she painted a silhouette of a lion against a sunset using watercolour.

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