Year 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Summer Week 5

Class: Year 4 Year: 2019 - 2020

Ollie C chose to research Roman technology last week and here is his labelled diagram.

On Sunday, Brooke found a caterpillar tree on the bypass - ties in nicely with our English this week!

Happy Birthday to Niamh today (Tuesday)! Have lots of fun playing with your new toys!

Freya has sent in some photos of a delicious looking unbaked cheesecake, a trip to the beach and her English and Maths work from this week. 

See 'Files to Download' for David, Will and Luke's very informative PowerPoints. Will chose robins and hedgehogs for his wildlife project, David chose frogs, wood pigeons and blue tits and Luke chose hedgehogs, robins and bees.

Evie has been busy making notes on hedgehogs, bats and bees and she has watched the maths videos and completed the worksheets this week.  She also made her own den and created some natural art in her garden!

Ava has had her first go at paddle boarding with her brother! 

Alice has been finding out about hedgehogs, water voles and beavers!

Lili has been doing lots of riding, walking and cycling. Enjoy the photos of Lili's animal friends including James, Molly & Bobby the dogs, the 'piggies' and Barney and Freija the horses.

See 'Files to Download' for Lili and Niamh's well researched PowerPoints. Lili chose to find out more about foxes, hazel dormice and robins whilst Niamh chose starlings, butterflies and bees.

Evie has worked very hard on her wildlife project too. Look for Evie's PPoint below - she focused on hedgehogs and Pipistrelle bats!


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