Year 4: Gallery

Y4 Rounders in the sun!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 18th May 2021 @ 8:46pm

Y4 Poetry inspired by 'Windrush Child' by John Agard, by Mrs Hover

Date: 13th May 2021 @ 12:38pm

Y5 Strawberry wellies, by Mrs Percival

Date: 12th May 2021 @ 2:06pm

Y5 have been planting strawberry plants in wellies for the quiet garden. We have drilled holes in the bottom of the wellies and cut them down a little. Now we are looking forward to some strawberries and cream before the end of term!

Year 4's First Guitar Lesson!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 28th Apr 2021 @ 4:24pm

Year 4 - Raft Race!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 1st Apr 2021 @ 10:49am

Year 4 had great fun racing their rafts on the last day of the Spring Term :)

Year 4 - Making boats and designing sheds!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 18th Mar 2021 @ 9:11am

As a fun D&T mini project, the Y4 children have been designing their very own sheds, thinking about the outside and inside space.  They also had to incorporate at least one eco element! The size of the shed was chalked onto the playground to help the children imagine the space they were working with.  Photos of their designs will follow shortly.

As part of our D&T Raft building project, we explored different sizes and types of paper to create boats exploring the concepts of sinking, travelling and floating.

Year 4 - All things Christmassy!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 16th Dec 2020 @ 8:00pm

What a busy two weeks in Year 4! Here are some photos of us learning about Christmas traditions in Germany and making our gingerbread house Christmas cards; our winners of a Christmas quiz; pulling crackers; eating our delicious Christmas dinner and our finished moving toys in D&T!

This week, you will be sent a link for Year 4's Samba video created by our 'Music for Life' teachers and another link for our traditional Christmas song plus an extra impromptu song that the class love to sing!

Year 4 - Exploring cams for our moving toys, by Mrs Hover

Date: 28th Nov 2020 @ 7:32am

Year 4 - Circus Descriptions, by Mrs Hover

Date: 11th Nov 2020 @ 8:28pm

This week, we looked and listened to clues linking to our new book, 'Leon and the Place Between'.  There was music, fairy lights and images of the ‘Big Top’, acrobats, clowns, a white rabbit coming out of a top hat, a ringmaster, popcorn, candyfloss and a lot more! In pairs we wrote down what we could see, hear and taste.  Here are some of Year 4's descriptions.

Linking to the same book, the children have started creating designs for their moving toy in D&T.



Year 4 - Conversational French & Worry Dolls, by Mrs Hover

Date: 21st Oct 2020 @ 9:00pm

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 4 practised asking and answering questions in French. In PSHE, we finished our 'Worry Doll' bookmarks with self-help tips to help us feel better.

Year 4 - Art Morning!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 21st Oct 2020 @ 8:36pm

On Tuesday morning, the Year 4 children did an amazing job creating Ancient Greek Theatre masks in clay and Greek mythology drawings.

Year 4 - Ancient Greek Art (vases & theatre masks) & Orienteering!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 7th Oct 2020 @ 7:51pm

Year 4 - Samba!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 2nd Oct 2020 @ 12:43pm

Year 4 are doing really well with their Samba lessons and instead of a mini concert in December, Helen and Vicky (Samba teachers) are going to create a video which we will email to parents.

Year 4 - Singing in the fire pit!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 18th Sep 2020 @ 7:50am

After exploring the fire pit during an orienteering lesson, Mr Sloan decided to take the class back there to lead a Bob Marley sing-a-long with his guitar. The children remembered all the words and kept in time with their egg shakers!

Year 4 - First full week back at school!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 11th Sep 2020 @ 7:16am

Year 4 have settled brilliantly back into school and they have been extremely busy! Here are some pictures from their first drawing lesson looking at tone in preparation for some art work linked to the Ancient Greeks!

Year's 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Final Week!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 15th Jul 2020 @ 1:10pm

David has researched the prey of the komodo dragon - the water buffalo. See his PowerPoint below.

Brooke has found lots of facts about rabbits and she found a burrow entrance at Delamere Forest. Read more in Brooke's PowerPoint.

Luke has also been finding out lots of information about bunny rabbits! Find out more in his PowerPoint!

Felix has learnt lots about zebras. Do you know what a group of zebras are called? Have a look at his slides below to find out.

Freya has made an impressive sculpture of a volcano out of clay!



Niamh has used a very effective way of presenting all her information on deer!


Year 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Summer 2 (Week 6), by Mrs Hover

Date: 5th Jul 2020 @ 7:43am

Here are some stills from Aidan's interactive Powerpoint on Japan! Do you know any of the answers? His Powerpoint is saved in 'Files to Download' with further questions!

Sophie has been busy building a volcano and making it erupt with vinegar, bicarb and some cherryade!

David has shared his PowerPoint on the nearby city of Liverpool! His Powerpoint is also saved in 'Files to Download'.

Felix has carefully constructed his volcano and the final photograph is a video still of his volcano erupting!

For this week's activity, Luke's predator is the anglerfish! There are two photographs from his PowerPoint and a still from his Lego mini movie!

Alfie has found out lots of facts about African Wild Dogs! Read more in his Powerpoint saved in 'Files to Download'.

Alice has researched and drawn a lovely picture of a jaguar!

Ollie C has been finding out about another big cat - the panther!

We have three birthdays this week in Year 4. Hapy Birthday to Lili (Thursday), Luke (Friday) and Connor on Sunday!! Luke sent us a picture of his birthday message!

David has researched the largest lizard - the Komodo dragon! Read David's Powerpoint to find out how they munch on big prey!!

Niamh has found out lots about an animal that used to roam in the wild in Britain. Find out more about wolves in Niamh's Powerpoint.

Brooke has also researched wolves but she has chosen a word wheel to effectively present her information.

Freya has found out lots of facts about killer whales! Read Freya's Powerpoint to find out information including how much they weigh! 

Here are some pictures taken from Felix's project on hyenas - I wonder which animals they like to eat?

Sophie created her predator work using Book Creator (see 'Files to Download' and she painted a silhouette of a lion against a sunset using watercolour.

Year 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Summer 2 (Week 5), by Mrs Hover

Date: 29th Jun 2020 @ 7:04am

For Evie's English and Geography project, she researched the 'Mull of Kintyre' - Can anyone find this on a map?

Niamh has been doing some of the Brownies challenges and the first photo shows her blowing a bubble inside a bubble inside a bubble! She has shared her home learning in English/Geography and Science and Niamh has been for a very wet and muddy walk in the rain. Finally, she invited lots of wild animals into her house!! (Google Live)

Brooke has drawn a very neat and detailed cross-section of a volcano!

David has found out about the Sahara Desert this week whilst Luke chose Brazil! Luke has also included photos of his annotated volcano diagram and his exploding volcano!

Alfie reserached Mexico and used photographs and cue cards to present his information.

Alice has enjoyed looking at a globe and Google earth and the different continents, countries and cities. She chose to research the Amazon Rainforest in more detail.

Heather has been watching some episodes of Grand Designs and here are her exterior and interior designs for a house.

Year 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Summer 2 (Week 4), by Mrs Hover

Date: 26th Jun 2020 @ 2:25pm

Freya has cretead some very informative leaflets on Chester and an extra one on Italy - We wonder whether Italy was inspired by your history work Freya?

For Alice's research project, she has chosen Middlesbrough which is a place special to her.

Luke has chosen a place where a legendary monster lives! surprise He has also found some interesting facts about ferrets' teeth!

Brooke chose to create an artistic poster full of facts about Cornwall.


Year 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Summer 2 (Week 3), by Mrs Hover

Date: 17th Jun 2020 @ 10:59am

Happy Birthday to Catherine today (Wednesday)! Have lots of fun playing on your bouncy castle!


Alice has been doing some writing to accompany her Blue Peter Badge and experimented with paint and squirty cream!  She has created an illustration of the courtyard for 'The Ickabog' and built a den to write a 'scary' story!



Year 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Summer 2 (Week 2), by Mrs Hover

Date: 8th Jun 2020 @ 6:27am

Have a look at Brooke's Powerpoint in 'Files to Download' with lots of photos from her 'I Spy Vicar's Cross Adventure'!

Freya has been creating mindmaps for the characters in 'Taking Flight' and using them to create some super descriptive sentences.

Can you guess David's kenning? If you look closely, there is a clue in the picture! (Photo 4)

How about Brooke's kenning - her favourite animal? The answers are at the bottom of this page! (Photo 5)

Now have a look at Aidan's kenning (Photo 6) and Sophie has had a go at writing three different kennings (Photo 7). We are loving guessing what they are!

Niamh has sent in a photo of her kenning (Photo 8), her work on the digestive system, a delicious looking cake and a picture of her dog, Max, enjoying the sand when she went to the beach. Niamh also has a family of frogs living in her garden and she has to make sure they have enough water when it's scorching hot!

Luke has sent a photo of his kenning (Photo 13) and he has also loved doing the science red cabbage experiment!

Lili has worked very hard on her science experiment and has made you a PowerPoint to show and explain her results. (See files to download)

Brooke has managed to get a super range of colours and acidity with her science experiment!

Niamh had fun with the red cabbage science experiment too!

Felix created the robot 'Nature Nick', which he created as part of the ‘helpful inventions’. He has also sent in a final picture of his Acid-Base indicator test.  What did you all think of the cabbage smell after it had been blended?

Can you guess Inca and Jacob's kennings? (Photos 20 and 21)

How about Michael's kenning - an animal with no limbs? He has also sent some photos of his science experiment from this week - Michael's got a really good range of colours too!

This week, Alice has designed a car for Blue Peter, and made a bird feeder towards her green badge. She also really enjoyed the cabbage science experiment and videos! 

Evie has created mindmaps for the characters from 'Taking Flight', added synonyms and then written some lovely descriptive sentences. She has also sent in her kenning and drawn her chosen animal using an online tutorial!










David's kenning (photo 4) guinea pig! One of David's guinea pigs?

Brooke's kenning (photo 5) sloth!

Aidan's kenning (photo 6) monkey!

Sophie's kennings (photo 7) monkey, duck & fish!

Niamh's kenning (photo 8) dog! Do we think this is about Niamh's dog, Max?

Luke's kenning (photo 13) frog!

Inca's kenning (photo 20) guinea pig!

Jacob's kenning (photo 21) tortoise!

Michael's kenning (photo 22) snake!


Year 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Summer 2 (Week 1), by Mrs Hover

Date: 1st Jun 2020 @ 10:59am

Look at Aidan's Mini Wildlife Project in 'Files to Download' - he has been busy making a habitat to encourage a certain animal into his garden!

Sophie made a digestive system from polymer clay, with mouth and tongue, oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestine with colon!

For her English home learning this week, Alice has invented a machine that can talk to animals!

Brooke has invented a dressing table that has a hidden secret - it is a make-up machine!
When you look in the mirror, the smart screen can tell what make up suits you and apply it for you!

Luke has enjoyed creating ‘Garage Mech’- a type of garage that can transform into a MECH that helps to do all of your gardening jobs!

Year 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Summer Week 5, by Mrs Hover

Date: 18th May 2020 @ 6:23am

Ollie C chose to research Roman technology last week and here is his labelled diagram.

On Sunday, Brooke found a caterpillar tree on the bypass - ties in nicely with our English this week!

Happy Birthday to Niamh today (Tuesday)! Have lots of fun playing with your new toys!

Freya has sent in some photos of a delicious looking unbaked cheesecake, a trip to the beach and her English and Maths work from this week. 

See 'Files to Download' for David, Will and Luke's very informative PowerPoints. Will chose robins and hedgehogs for his wildlife project, David chose frogs, wood pigeons and blue tits and Luke chose hedgehogs, robins and bees.

Evie has been busy making notes on hedgehogs, bats and bees and she has watched the maths videos and completed the worksheets this week.  She also made her own den and created some natural art in her garden!

Ava has had her first go at paddle boarding with her brother! 

Alice has been finding out about hedgehogs, water voles and beavers!

Lili has been doing lots of riding, walking and cycling. Enjoy the photos of Lili's animal friends including James, Molly & Bobby the dogs, the 'piggies' and Barney and Freija the horses.

See 'Files to Download' for Lili and Niamh's well researched PowerPoints. Lili chose to find out more about foxes, hazel dormice and robins whilst Niamh chose starlings, butterflies and bees.

Evie has worked very hard on her wildlife project too. Look for Evie's PPoint below - she focused on hedgehogs and Pipistrelle bats!


Year 4 - Chester Zoo Wildlife Garden, by Mrs Hover

Date: 16th May 2020 @ 8:06am

Year 4's Fantastic Home Learning - Summer Week 4, by Mrs Hover

Date: 11th May 2020 @ 2:55pm

For VE Day, Ollie baked a carrot cake and he has been getting lots of exercise running around with a very cute Max the labrador pup!

Ava celebrated VE Day by baking scones and having afternoon tea in the garden!

Alice and her brother Sam are currently very interested in robots, so here is one of the slides from their PowerPoint.

One of our class has sent in a photo of her ice cube work. She has learnt about rapeseed, celebrated VE day and spotted a rainbow as she was clapping for the NHS last Thursday.

Ava has used accurate dialogue, different speech verbs and action using 'The Black Hat'!

Luke has been busy planting sunflowers and tomatoes, colouring in the picture of Chester to display in his window, decorating a pebble for the garden and making bunting and baking biscuits for VE Day!

Michael has been baking Domino Biscuits and carrying out some amazing Science experiments!

Aidan has enjoyed the Science experiments too, especially dissecting the flowers best and the ice cube experiment. Thank you for sending us the stop motion video you made using a Stikbots app!

For his week's 'The Black Hat' task, Alice has described her own made-up creature called 'The Hoggan'!

Sophie has created some descriptive sentences linked to 'The Black Hat' and presented her work beautifully,

Ellie has sent in her writing based on 'The Black Hat'. She wanted to challenge herself by attempting to use similes, personification and alliteration following the video. 

Freya enjoyed creating her own Zentangle!

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