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Y5 Chefs for the day, by Mrs Percival

Date: 9th Nov 2022 @ 3:38pm

Today we have been working with Chef Emma. We talked about how important it is to eat a variety of foods and to try new food experiences. We made a pasta meal using loads of tasty vegetables and a pizza bread wheel. We have had a brilliant day!.

Classification Wokrshop- Super, Little Scientist, by Miss Young

Date: 9th Nov 2022 @ 12:29pm

To kick start our Science topic- Living things and their habitats, we engaged in a workshop that allowed us to classify a range of arthropods. 

Sports Ambassador and Playground Leader Training, by Miss Young

Date: 9th Nov 2022 @ 9:29am

Mr Mulligan and Mrs Gilmore from CEDP spent an afternoon with Year 6 training and preparing them to uphold the role of playground leaders for our KS1 children. Emma, Emily, Jack W and Christian were successful in their application for Sports Ambassadors and will start work on raising the profile of sport thorughout school. 

Chester Zoo Workshop, by Miss Young

Date: 9th Nov 2022 @ 9:23am

Chester Zoo came into school to deliver a workshop on conservationism. 

Glockenspiels, by Miss Yates

Date: 8th Nov 2022 @ 3:33pm

We started our new music topic today… glockenspiels!

Y5 RE, by Mrs Percival

Date: 8th Nov 2022 @ 1:28pm

Today, Mrs Batchelor joined us for our RE lesson. She talked to us about Christian beliefs and talked to us about her job as a Deacon for the church.

Visit from Chester Zoo, by Miss Jones

Date: 4th Nov 2022 @ 3:33pm

Today Leon from Chester Zoo came into Year 2 to talk about animal conservation. The children learnt about protecting animals and ways in which the zoo prevents extinction. They all enjoyed exploring the snake skin, tortoise shell and leopard fur and showed great empathy when discussing  the reasons why these animals are hunted. There were lots of giggles when they were pretending to be meerkats!

Another fun Friday today : )

Y5 Life Cycles, by Mrs Percival

Date: 4th Nov 2022 @ 1:59pm

Today we had a visit from Leon from Chester Zoo. We learned about Life cycles of different animals and looked and the eggs of lots of different species.

Y5 Super Scientists, by Mrs Percival

Date: 4th Nov 2022 @ 11:03am

Today we have been studying the life cycle of a plant and how the seeds of plants grow, what they need and how they are dispersed.

Year 4 Circus clues!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 2nd Nov 2022 @ 5:16pm

Year 2 Super Little Scientists, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 2nd Nov 2022 @ 10:40am

Year 2 had a lovely surprise this morning as Lauren from Super Little Scientist joined us to teach us about birds. We learnt about...

  • What penguins need to survive in their habitats (Antarctic, forest in New Zealand and beaches in South Africa) and how they stay warm
  • Which beak works best to capture their food
  • Which colour worm is best camouflaged

We had an incredible time and absolutely loved learning more about how birds survive.

Sustainable shopping bags, by Miss Yates

Date: 31st Oct 2022 @ 5:00pm

Year 3 made some amazing sustainable shopping bags out of recycled T-shirts. They carefully followed instructions from our reading text 'the Sea Book' 

They are brilliant! Well done Year 3!

Last ones!, by Miss Jones

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 3:51pm

….and more!, by Miss Jones

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 3:45pm

Sorry, they won't all upload in one go! 

More Forest School Photos …, by Miss Jones

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 3:41pm

Year 2 Forest School, by Miss Jones

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 3:32pm

What a wonderful way to end our first half term! The children have been delightful and it has been a joy to experience today with them. I am sure they will tell you all of the exciting bits about today but I am truly proud of them. They demonstrated just what sensible, resourceful, respectful and caring Year two’s they are. I tried to capture the magic from behind the camera and the children were most impressed I managed to capture a few dragon sneeze sparks!!!

Thank you Year 2 for a fun Forest day! Have the best half term!

Miss Jones 

Year 1 Super Little Scientists, by Mrs Marshall

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 1:15pm

Year 1 had the best time with Lauren from Super Little Scientists yesterday😊.  We were learning about seasonal changes and weather and we did some amazing science such as, making rain clouds, creating rainbows, making a tornado (vortex) in a bottle and even some cool autumn leaf bashing with mallets where the colours made a really pretty pattern.

We hope you enjoy our pictures. 

Shadow Puppet Show, by Miss Young

Date: 20th Oct 2022 @ 2:44pm

Year 6 have spent their afternoon's designing and making shadow puppets, in preparation for a show to their Reception buddies. 

The performances were a real success and the Reception children also had a turn in projecting the shadows onto the material and retelling the traditional tales picked by Year 6. 

Reception Super Little Scientists, by Mrs Wheatcroft

Date: 20th Oct 2022 @ 12:20pm

The children loved the bubble workshop today. We discovered bubbles won't change shape or colour, no matter if we use triangular bubble wands or coloured bubble mix. We found out that they don't pop when the surface is wet and we all had a turn to be in a giant bubble! Thank you very much to the PTA for funding such an exciting workshop. 

Super Little Scientists, by Miss Yates

Date: 19th Oct 2022 @ 4:53pm

We had a super time this morning learning about magnetism, temperature and changes of state. We even made our very own colour changing slime!


Y2 making a home for a troll, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 17th Oct 2022 @ 4:32pm

PTA Bake Sale, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 16th Oct 2022 @ 9:00pm

PTA Bake Sale

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our recent PTA bake sale. An incredible £315.69 was raised, which will go towards the PTA contribution to the theatre. Every child at Oldfield will benefit from this.  

A special thank you to Catherine Golightly and her team for organising the event and setting everything up. Thank you to everyone who supported the event by baking, sending in cakes and purchasing cakes. It was lovely to see our families together in the hall.


Football V Chester Blue Coat, by Mr Brown

Date: 16th Oct 2022 @ 3:39pm

We played our first league match of the season away at Chester Blur Coat winning 3-1 with goals from Ted, Chris and Reuben. The whole team played well and we look forward to our next match.

Thank you to our families who were able to help with transport and support.

Cherry Grove, Upton Mill View, Upton Heath and JH Godwin are also in our league. We will share the future results.

Y5 Forest Schools, by Mrs Percival

Date: 10th Oct 2022 @ 4:03pm

We had a fabulous day in the school forest on Friday. We made fires and produced some pieces of environmental art.

Y5 Computing, by Mrs Percival

Date: 10th Oct 2022 @ 3:58pm

Year 5 are designing our own websites using Google sites. We have made a great start, our website designs are coming along nicely.

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