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My Happy Mind in Y1, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 9th Feb 2024 @ 6:19pm

Congratulations Year 1 in completing our My Happy Mind module on Appreciation. Everyone received their Appreciation certificate today. 
We have enjoyed learning to notice what is around us and identifying what we can be thankful for. 


When have you said thank you to someone recently?


Jessica said thank you to Mrs Marshall.

Gracie said thank you to the midday staff.

Isabelle said thank you to the cook for making the pudding.

Eli said thank you to grandma and grandad because they took him to their house and let him sleep over.

Deheer said thank you to Mrs Marshall for getting the fruit.

Ella said thank you to her mummy and daddy because they took her to the shop after school.

Marnie said thank you to her brother and sister when they played hide and seek and she couldn’t  find mummy.

Finley said thank you to the teachers when they give him toast.

Lea said thank you to Mrs Davies for tying her laces.

Aedan said thank you to his family because they always look after him.

Sienna said thank you to mummy because she helped her when she dropped something, mummy helped her pick it up.

Bob said thank you to Mrs Davies when she helped him build a tower.

Libby said thank you to her mummy for keeping her safe.

Sofia said thank you to her mummy for taking her to gymnastics.

Amishka said thank you to her mummy and daddy for looking after her and being kind to her.

Tilly said thank you to mummy for buying her a new water bottle.

Caitlin said thank you to nanny and grandad for giving her nice food.

Deheer said thank you to Mrs Davies because she let her play a game.

Aria said thank you to the cook when she gave her lunch.

Nella said thank you to mummy when she got her a hot chocolate from Starbucks.

Sienna says thank you to her mummy when she got her a milkshake.


What experiences are you grateful for?

Jessica – being at school

Sofia – being with Jessica at AmaSing

Sienna – going to the park with daddy

Marnie – Fridays and going to the caravan

Gracie – movie night with mummy and daddy

Deheer – going to the cinema with Libby

Lowrie – mummy and daddy listening to me read

Amishka – cuddles from mummy and daddy

Ella – snuggling up to watch TV with my family

Isabelle – going to the park with daddy

Marnie – playing at the park with grandma and Freya

Aedan – being at school

Aria – being at school

Eli – painting with grandad

Lea – going to Legoland

History in Year 1, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 9th Feb 2024 @ 6:14pm

Today we have enjoyed learning about a range of explorers including:

Neil Armstrong

Christopher Columbus

Richard Garriott de Cayeaux

Krystyna Chojnoqska-Liskiewicz

Sophia Danenberg

Felicity Aston


We imagined being the different explorers, thinking what we might see on our expedition, what we might be thinking about, how we might feel. We agreed they were all very brave! Some of us would like to be explorers when we are older.

Reception, by Mrs Wheatcroft

Date: 9th Feb 2024 @ 3:55pm

It's been a busy week in Reception. The children have made some wonderful buildings in the block area and used the loose parts to enhance their designs. They have used the Multilink cubes to support their understanding of number patterns and have enjoyed using the number tiles to order numbers all the way to 24. We have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of frogs and really loved seeing the Royal Ballet's version of the tale Mr Jeremy Fisher. 

Year 3 Measuring Mass and playing Glockenspiels!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 9th Feb 2024 @ 1:34pm

Year 6 science modelling, by Miss Oldman

Date: 6th Feb 2024 @ 4:06pm

We loved making models of the human heart and blood vessels. We used red and blue clay to show oxygenated and deoxygenated blood.

Year 5 Viking Day, by Mrs Wong

Date: 6th Feb 2024 @ 2:46pm

Year 5 have enjoyed turning Viking for the day! 

Year 5 Forest School, by Mrs Wong

Date: 2nd Feb 2024 @ 10:55am

Today we have been blessed with the weather! The children have been Cooperating, Achieving, Resepecting and Enjoying every minute of Forest School. We had fun creating Viking Long Houses out of natural materials. 

Year 5 Maths, by Mrs Wong

Date: 2nd Feb 2024 @ 10:51am

In Year 5 this week, we having been exploring line graphs. The children planned out their graphs before journaling! Impressive work Year 5! 

Year 5 English, by Mrs Wong

Date: 2nd Feb 2024 @ 10:49am

Year 5 have been working together to create adverbial phrases. Great team work Year 5! 

Year 2 Earth Art, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 31st Jan 2024 @ 2:39pm

Year 2 Feathery Folk Visit, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 31st Jan 2024 @ 2:34pm

The wonderful Libby from The Feathery Folk visited this week with some of her feathery friends. We learnt so much about owls which will really help us with our information writing. Libby commented on how fantastic the children were and was so impressed with the questions they had for her :)

Y5 HSBC workshop, by Mrs Wong

Date: 26th Jan 2024 @ 3:52pm

Year 5 enjoyed a gaming for good workshop delivered by Helen from HSBC. 

Camouflage painting, by Mrs Wheatcroft

Date: 26th Jan 2024 @ 1:51pm

The children have enjoyed mixing colours to camouflage the tiger and the crocodile.

Year 3 Digestion Investigation 2, by Mrs Hover

Date: 26th Jan 2024 @ 10:34am

Year 3 Stone Age Boy, by Mrs Hover

Date: 26th Jan 2024 @ 10:25am

In English, we have been learning more about the Stone Age. We started the week by finishing our writing comparing Stone Age food and food today. Then, we created five different areas in the classroom where the children acted out lots of different activities that would have been carried out in a Stone Age community. We used this to create lots of sentences using the ‘present perfect’ tense to show that these activities have been carried out recently e.g. I have sharpened the flint spearheads. The children then used these sentences to create a report for the community leader. They wrote about their activities for the day using lots of ‘I have…’ sentences.

Reception HSBC, by Mrs Wheatcroft

Date: 26th Jan 2024 @ 10:25am

Reception enjoyed our Treasure Hunt money workshop. They learned about all our different coins and did some coin rubbing.

Year 6 fun in the snow!, by Miss Oldman

Date: 22nd Jan 2024 @ 12:29pm

Year1 snow day ☃️❄️, by Mrs Marshall

Date: 22nd Jan 2024 @ 8:34am

Year 1 loved playing in the snow last week 😃

Reception PE, by Mrs Wheatcroft

Date: 19th Jan 2024 @ 3:50pm

Reception children enjoyed travelling in lots of different ways using some of the equipment in the hall, just like the characters in our story, Let's All Creep Through Crocodile Creek, who went on an exciting journey through the jungle.

Year 3’s Stone Age English and Art, by Mrs Hover

Date: 19th Jan 2024 @ 1:30pm

Year 2 Fun in the Snow ⛄️, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 17th Jan 2024 @ 3:43pm

Snow Day!!!!☃️❄️, by Miss Doyle

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 2:42pm

What an amazing morning having fun in the snow together! Meet Steve our class snowman, he didn't last very long... But memories to last a lifetime..❄️

Year 5 Snow Day, by Mrs Wong

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 12:08pm

Year 5 enjoyed playtime in the snow this morning! 

My Happy Mind and Z of R, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 12th Jan 2024 @ 5:21pm

The tool we are practicing this week as part of Zones of Regulation is 'Stand tall'. We practiced doing this together.

Congratulations to our Year 1 children who received their Celebrate certicates today after completing Module 2. We recapped today on our learning about character strengths before moving on to our new module called Appreciate. 

As part of our myHappymind work today we have learnt what appreciate means and stopped to think about the people in our lives that we are grateful for. We also reflected on where our own happy places are.

Some children that shared their happy place were:

Lea - Slovakia, seeing her grandma

Deheer - India, seeing her cousins

Aedan and Miss Harris  - home

Babe - at Debbie's exploring the toys

Bob - Mexico

Ella - at her cousin's house

Amishka and Marnie - at the park

Isabelle - at grandma and grandad's house

Lawrie - in his toy area playing with his brother

Jessica and Caitlin - at AmaSing

Maise - Greece

Freddie - France and breaktimes

Gymnastics in Y1, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 12th Jan 2024 @ 4:20pm

Today we used the apparatus, putting our own sequences together. Our sequences had to include 3 of the following - travelling, balancing, rolling, balancing, shape.

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