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Y4 Poetry inspired by 'Windrush Child' by John Agard, by Mrs Hover

Date: 13th May 2021 @ 12:38pm

Y5 Strawberry wellies, by Mrs Percival

Date: 12th May 2021 @ 2:06pm

Y5 have been planting strawberry plants in wellies for the quiet garden. We have drilled holes in the bottom of the wellies and cut them down a little. Now we are looking forward to some strawberries and cream before the end of term!

Y5 Forces, by Mrs Percival

Date: 12th May 2021 @ 1:56pm

Today we have been looking at the forces of air resistance and gravity using helicopters.

Year 1: 7.5.21, by Miss Jones

Date: 9th May 2021 @ 7:15pm

It was lovely to see Year One after the long weekend. We have had another busy week of learning :) 

In maths we have been using counters to help us use the ‘make ten first’ method to add. This is a tricky new method and the children have been working really hard with their talk partners. 

In English we have been working on using our senses to describe what the toys could see, hear and how they felt when the boy left them out in the garden. Then children used some fantastic describing words in their sentences and I loved reading their descriptions. 

We are also really enjoying out weekly computing lessons using the iPads and the Book Creator App. The children are working on making their own book about using the story, The Three Little Pigs. They are making fabulous progress with their books, each week. We have practised adding images, text and even our own voices. What fantastic collaboration.  I wonder what we will be working on next week? 

Learning in Year 1, by Miss Jones

Date: 3rd May 2021 @ 4:52pm

Have a look at our Gallery to see what we have been up to recently. 

Year 4's First Guitar Lesson!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 28th Apr 2021 @ 4:24pm

Year 4 - Raft Race!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 1st Apr 2021 @ 10:49am

Year 4 had great fun racing their rafts on the last day of the Spring Term :)

Year 3 forest school, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 19th Mar 2021 @ 1:45pm

Year 4 - Making boats and designing sheds!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 18th Mar 2021 @ 9:11am

As a fun D&T mini project, the Y4 children have been designing their very own sheds, thinking about the outside and inside space.  They also had to incorporate at least one eco element! The size of the shed was chalked onto the playground to help the children imagine the space they were working with.  Photos of their designs will follow shortly.

As part of our D&T Raft building project, we explored different sizes and types of paper to create boats exploring the concepts of sinking, travelling and floating.

Year 3 Team, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 12th Mar 2021 @ 2:11pm

Year 3 Whales and World Book Day, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 5th Mar 2021 @ 2:31pm

Year 1 - POETRY, by Miss Jones

Date: 4th Mar 2021 @ 9:52am

Year 1 have enjoyed looking at poetry for this weeks remote learning. We have looked at two list poems called At the Zoo and In The Empty Classroom. As we are returning to school on Monday, it seemed fitting to write about our classroom. 

Have a look at our fabulous poems called 'In the Classroom'. 

Year 3 kindness and splashing into our Spring 2 topic, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 26th Feb 2021 @ 4:06pm

Year 3's Last Week of Spring 1, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 11th Feb 2021 @ 11:23pm

Year 1 - Express Yourself, Kandinsky style., by Miss Jones

Date: 5th Feb 2021 @ 5:11pm

For part of our work during Children's Mental Health Week, Year 1 explored the work of famous abstract artist Wassilly Kandinsky. He liked to use art and colour to express how he was feeling. 

The children learnt about the primary colours and how to use them to mix secondary colours. We were inspired by Kandinsky's Concentric Circles so we decided to make our own version as a class. I was so impressed with Year One's artistic skills.

Whilst we cannot display our work in the classroom at the moment, we have created a virtual display for everyone to see here. 

Year 1 - What makes ME special?, by Miss Jones

Date: 5th Feb 2021 @ 4:51pm

For part of our work for Children's Mental Health, the children in Year 1 talked with a grown up about what makes them special. We enjoyed learning the word unique and exploring what that means. 

After discussing what makes them special, the children drew around their grown up's hand and wrote their top 5 reasons down. They then expressed their creativity and decorated their hand. 

Reading the children's work just reminded me of what a kind, caring and hard working class Year One are. Click our Gallery to have a look at what makes us special.

Well done to our Year One Superstars smiley

Home Learning with Year 3, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 4th Feb 2021 @ 9:37pm

Year 3 Home learning - Stone Age, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 29th Jan 2021 @ 2:26pm

Year 1 Art and Design Technology, by Miss Jones

Date: 25th Jan 2021 @ 6:06pm

Today Year 1 have enjoyed learning how to draw a character from our new book called The Lion Inside. 

We watched a step by step video by the illustrator, Jim Field to learn how to draw the mouse. Check out our fabulous drawings.

Miss Jones tweeted Jim Field to show him some of our drawings and he replied!  How exciting is that.  

If you want to have a go, click HERE for the link to the video 


Last week, the children worked on designing, making and evaluating their own junk model monster. The final pieces were fabulous. 


Check out our gallery to see what a creative class we are.

Year 3's Stone Age glossary, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 24th Jan 2021 @ 8:15pm

The Year 3 Superstars!, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 15th Jan 2021 @ 5:54pm

Year 3's first week of home learning, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 8th Jan 2021 @ 9:35pm

Year 1 Week beginning 14.12.20, by Miss Jones

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 5:30pm

We have had a lovely week in Year 1 with lots of festive activities too. 

On Monday we enjoyed playing Numbots on the iPads. The children loved setting up their Numbot and starting to play the game. I would encourage children to play Numbots at home to help with their number confidence, fluency and recall. Letters to Parents and Carers about accessing Numbots, including Logins were sent home on Monday. Please let me know if you need another copy. Login information is also on a sticker on the front of the children's homework books. 


On Wednesday, we enjoyed pulling crackers and eating our delicious Christmas dinners. The children displayed wonderful manners in the hall, saying please and thank you to the adults who helped them. I enjoyed eating my lunch with the children too. 

On Thursday, we had our pebble jar treat. We enjoyed watching The Grinch (rateed U). We also enjoyed party games in the hall in the afternoon. 


Check our our gallery for more photographs of what we have been up to this week. 


Have a wonderful Christmas Break. I look forward to welcoming you all back to school in the New Year. 


Miss Jones. 

Year 4 - All things Christmassy!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 16th Dec 2020 @ 8:00pm

What a busy two weeks in Year 4! Here are some photos of us learning about Christmas traditions in Germany and making our gingerbread house Christmas cards; our winners of a Christmas quiz; pulling crackers; eating our delicious Christmas dinner and our finished moving toys in D&T!

This week, you will be sent a link for Year 4's Samba video created by our 'Music for Life' teachers and another link for our traditional Christmas song plus an extra impromptu song that the class love to sing!

Year 3's Christmas Skills, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 16th Dec 2020 @ 1:34pm

This week, Year 3 have been developing a range of skills such as; fine motor, baking, planting, cutting, folding and decorating.

They have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to create salt dough decorations, shortbread, paper angels, Christmas crackers, wreaths and pot spider plants this week. We especially enjoyed our social distance Christmas dinner, party games and disco this afternoon. 

We hope you enjoy their Christmas crafts and shortbread, if they let you taste it, as much as we have enjoyed sharing these skills with the class. 

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