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A spooktacular week in Year 1, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 24th Oct 2021 @ 8:44am

Year 3 Trip to Liverpool & New Brighton, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 22nd Oct 2021 @ 8:21pm

Y5 PE, by Mrs Percival

Date: 20th Oct 2021 @ 4:25pm

What a blustery Autumn afternoon's PE lesson we had! Was it windy? Yes. Was it wet? Yes. Were there leaves blowing all over the place? Yes.

Did we love it? Yes we did!

Blitz Poetry Performance, by Miss Young

Date: 20th Oct 2021 @ 12:26pm

The children practised their verses in groups, considering their expression, intonation and pitch before performing the whole poem as a class.

Autumn in Year 1, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 15th Oct 2021 @ 5:30pm

Year 3 Making our own carrier bags, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 15th Oct 2021 @ 3:09pm

This half term we have been learning all about the damage being done to the oceans and the animals that live there through our guided reading text 'The Sea Book'. In the book we learnt how to make our own carrier bag using an old T-shirt! So we had a go in class. We were very pleased with what we had made and to know that by using them we could help reduce the number of plastic carrier bags being used. 

Year 4 Ancient Greek pottery and theatre masks, by Mrs Hover

Date: 12th Oct 2021 @ 9:06pm

WW2 Medals, by Miss Young

Date: 11th Oct 2021 @ 5:50pm

Brooke and her Mum kindly brought her Grandpa Bill's DFC (Distinguished Flying Cross), OBE and other medals from his time serving King and country in WW2 as a Flight Lieutenant. 

Hot Seating, by Miss Young

Date: 11th Oct 2021 @ 5:44pm

As part of our English lessons, studying 'Star of Fear, Star of Hope' by Jo Hoestlandt we completed a role play activity using hot seating. The children wrote questions as Helen and Lydia to ask Mrs Keller (Madame Eleven O'Clock) before acting them out, considering body language, tone and appropriate answers. 

STEAM Festival, by Miss Young

Date: 11th Oct 2021 @ 5:29pm

Year 5 and 6 visited the Boat Museum for a fun packed day of STEAM workshops. Some of which, included: sufactants, telling the time with trees, pixel graphics and animation, magic of chemistry, bath bomb science, escape rooms and fun with physics. 

Light- Periscopes, by Miss Young

Date: 11th Oct 2021 @ 5:23pm

Year 6 mapped out the direction in which light travels (straight) in a persicope using our 4G pitch and skipping ropes to represent our mirrors angled at 45°, in order to reflect the light. We decorated our periscope nets before cutting, scoring and joining them. Finally we tested their effectiveness in seeing around corners and over tables. 

Year 1, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 8th Oct 2021 @ 7:35pm

Reception, by Mrs Wheatcroft

Date: 6th Oct 2021 @ 5:07pm

Numberblocks in the multilink cubes.

Year 3 Forest Schools- Week 2, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 6th Oct 2021 @ 3:28pm

Learning how to recognise the different types of trees, looking for animals/wildlife living the the trees in our school grounds and making our own fires using a flint.

Y5 STEAM festival, by Mrs Percival

Date: 5th Oct 2021 @ 4:29pm

Today, Y5 went to the STEAM festival at the Boat Museum. We had a great day doing all sorts of things like Chemistry, investigating sound, making keyrings with recycled plastic, making working gears and cranes and we even visited Mars in the planetarium!

Y5 archaeologists, by Mrs Percival

Date: 5th Oct 2021 @ 4:23pm

We worked with some History students from Chester University this week. We were being historical detectives, investigating the past through artefacts.

Year 1 - designing, making and tasting sandwiches, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 1st Oct 2021 @ 7:25pm

Year 2 - Rainy Day Yoga, by Miss Jones

Date: 30th Sep 2021 @ 4:37pm

Year 2 had a lovely time enjoyed some rainy day yoga in the classroom today. We enjoyed a Cosmic Kids yoga session linked to trolls. Even the rain or hall being in use couldn't stop us being active today. What a relaxing time we had! 


If you would like to have another go at home, click on the video below.


Year 4 - People who inspire us!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 30th Sep 2021 @ 8:34am

Year 3 Forest Schools, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 24th Sep 2021 @ 4:47pm

Our first Forest Schools sesssion of the year with Mr Hadfield. We had a great time learning all about homes. We made our own shelter and a fire. Fantastic learning outside the classroom :)

Year 4 - Our first guitar lesson!, by Mrs Hover

Date: 22nd Sep 2021 @ 6:16am

Reception, by Mrs Wheatcroft

Date: 15th Sep 2021 @ 2:46pm

We are having a wonderful start to school, meeting old friends, making new friends, sharing, chatting and having fun.

Year 2: Art, by Miss Jones

Date: 12th Sep 2021 @ 5:59pm

This week, Year 2 have started learning all about Surrealism and the artist, Joan Miro. This week we focused on 'The Hunter'. The children looked carefully at this piece, commenting on the shapes and objects they could see. We then looked closer and spotted what we thought could be a human hunter. We made our own versions using pencils and markers, before creating a ombré background. We can't wait to  continue exploring many more of Miro's most famous pieces this half term. 

Year 4 using drama to explore a scene in our new book, 'Gorilla', by Mrs Hover

Date: 8th Sep 2021 @ 8:06pm

Year 1 forest school Friday, by Mrs Harrison

Date: 3rd Sep 2021 @ 8:46pm

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