Year 1: Gallery

PTA Bake Sale, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 16th Jun 2023 @ 4:55pm

A huge thank you to everyone involved in organising and supporting our sporty themed cake sale. As always, some incredibly creative designs were on display!

A special thank you to Catherine Golightly for coorindating the bake sale. Once donations have been counted we will update you on how much we raised for PTA funds.

Coronation Garden, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 30th Apr 2023 @ 8:30pm

A huge thank you to the incredible team at Spar, Vicars Cross who generously gave up their own time to work on our garden project. Their time, enthusiasm and commitment to the project is very much appreciated. Thank you to Spar and to the PTA for funding the materials to enhance this area which were supplied by Walkers Garden Centre and Howarth Timber and Building Supplies.

Beatboxing Year 1s, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 26th Mar 2023 @ 9:12pm

Thank you so much to the PTA for funding our Beatbox workshop. We had a fun packed morning experimenting with our own voice as we learnt how to Beatbox. All the children were engaged in the workshop as the morning progressed. By the end of the session we had written a rap together which everyone was involved in performing. 

Thank you James for an inspiring and fun filled morning.

PTA Bake Sale, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 18th Feb 2023 @ 2:29pm

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our recent Valentine themed bake sale in anyway. As always, this was well supported and there was an impressive array of cakes. A total of £322.62 was raised to go towards PTA funds. 

Y1 Forest Schools, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 18th Feb 2023 @ 2:27pm

Year 1 had great fun learning outside as part of Forest Schools. Mr Hadfield linked our outdoor learning to our science curriculum, with a particular focus on materials and their properties. We enjoyed building protection and shelters for the wildlife living on our school grounds, as well as some of the character toys he brought along.

We had the opportunity to tap into our senses, look up into the sky, relax and feel a sense of stillness, using strategies we have been learning in myHappymind, as we sat in Mr Hadfield's hammock.

To end the day we built an open fire and enjoyed toasting marshmallows. The end to a perfect day!

Toys in the past, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 8th Jan 2023 @ 9:22am

Year 1 have been learning more about toys that children played with in the past. So far we have done this by looking at books about toys from the past, by making toys from the past (today we made Jack-in-a-boxes) and by talking to adults about what they played with when they were younger.

A special thank you to Alistair's granna for sending us a fantastic recording of herself telling us all about her favourite teddy bear Harold. 

Thank you also to Pat, our school Crossing Patrol, for coming to talk to us today. We discovered that Pat played lots of different games with a tennis ball when she was younger. She also played with blocks and had a special teddy. She didn't have any electronic devices.

We have been busy preparing questions to ask some of our parents who are coming into school next Friday afternoon, to find out what they played with when they were younger.



Happiness Club assembly, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 7th Jan 2023 @ 4:54pm

Thank you to Farah from The Happiness Club for her assemblies this week. We have all learnt some useful strategies to support our mental health.

My Happy Mind, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 10th Dec 2022 @ 7:58pm

Congratulations to everyone in Year 1 for completing the Celebrate module in myHappymind.


We have enjoyed learning about our character strengths which makes us unique and special. We have found out that we are all different and all have some of the same character strengths.


Character strengths which we have explored:

Love and kindness. Being kind and caring to other people and ourself.

Bravery and honesty. Being brave and determined, even when things are tough. Always telling the truth.

Exploring and learning. Always wanting to learn and find out more about new things. Asking lots of questions.

Teamwork and friendship. Good at working in a team and involving others. Is a good friend.

Love of life and our world. Loves to be involved in lots of different activities.  Enjoys learning about the world we live in.

A busy day in Year 1, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 21st Nov 2022 @ 8:12am

A busy day in Year 1 - phonics, fine motor development, designing cars for the future and gymnastics!

Year 1 Super Little Scientists, by Mrs Marshall

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 1:15pm

Year 1 had the best time with Lauren from Super Little Scientists yesterday?.  We were learning about seasonal changes and weather and we did some amazing science such as, making rain clouds, creating rainbows, making a tornado (vortex) in a bottle and even some cool autumn leaf bashing with mallets where the colours made a really pretty pattern.

We hope you enjoy our pictures. 

PTA Bake Sale, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 16th Oct 2022 @ 9:00pm

PTA Bake Sale

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our recent PTA bake sale. An incredible £315.69 was raised, which will go towards the PTA contribution to the theatre. Every child at Oldfield will benefit from this.  

A special thank you to Catherine Golightly and her team for organising the event and setting everything up. Thank you to everyone who supported the event by baking, sending in cakes and purchasing cakes. It was lovely to see our families together in the hall.


Colourful meditation, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 8th Oct 2022 @ 6:44pm

As part of our myHappymind programme, we have been practising calming our bodies down. Today we practised Colourful Meditation. Our Year 1 children were amazing. Ask them to show you at home!

Y1 animal groupings, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 20th Sep 2022 @ 7:35am

We are enjoying learning about different animal groups in Year 1. Thank you to King's students for their time on Friday afternoon, helping us with our sorting task.

Y1 Forest Schools, by Mrs Bailey

Date: 10th Sep 2022 @ 4:43pm

We had a great time with Mr Hadfield today at Forest Schools in our incredible school grounds. We learnt about homes and habitats, made a big nest and took on the role of parent and baby birds, built a home for our Gruffalo, went on a bug hunt, practised mindfulness in our quiet spots, used Dragon Sneeze fire steels and toasted marshmallows on an open fire pit to name but a few things! Team work, sharing and gratitude were key elements of our learning today.

Thank you for sending children in with a spare pair of footwear and long sleeved tops and trousers. 

Oldfield, by Miss Jones

Date: 15th Jul 2022 @ 1:55pm

What a wonderful afternoon we had showcasing all of the talent in our Year 1 Class. The children had obviously worked incredibly hard and took it very seriously. It bought tears of joy and pride watching them! 

You are all superstars!

Sports Day 2022, by Mr Brown

Date: 14th Jul 2022 @ 9:21am

We had a great day for our Sports Day.

Year 1 visit to Year 2, by Miss Jones

Date: 8th Jul 2022 @ 3:36pm

Yesterday we had our transition morning for next year. As the children soon realised, nothing much is changing except our classroom! We had a lovely time exploring our new room and they all decided they loved the green walls!! We enjoyed being creative, turning a black dot into something amazing! It was so lovely to see their imaginations take them in different directions and the work they produced was magical! They were all at ease and seemed more than ready for their Year 2 journey.

We are looking forward to another wonderful year with them.

 Miss Jones and Mrs Harrison 

Liverpool World Museum, by Miss Jones

Date: 8th Jul 2022 @ 3:12pm

WOW! The children have been exceptional and it has been a wonderfully busy day! They have smiled all day long and it has been lovely to see their excitement as we explored the different themed rooms. It was hard to pick a favourite! We had a sunny picnic in the park which seemed to be to everyone’s delight. We are really proud of how the children behaved and respected other’s around them. Thank you to our helpers too for doing a fabulous job!

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